December 3, 2014

White Dog shook her head. "All of these items on today's to-do list CAN'T be number one priorities." I nodded slowly. "Well, in theory, today IS supposed to be dad's day to focus on finishing up his thesis, that is why he took the day off from work. It seems the Universe is making this a bit of a challenge."

First, the other car, the one Candace uses to get to and from work, decided to have starting issues. She gets off of work most evenings AFTER the bus stops running so this needed to be taken care of ASAP. Steve called his trusty mechanic who squeezed the car in but Steve still had drive along to bring Candace back after she dropped off the car...and to answer Mickey's questions.

From there Steve ran my oxygen concentrator to the repair shop. Last night at bed time, it refused to engage. I have sleep apnea and use it nightly...except last night. Steve worried until dawn and made sure that it got fixed before we had any more sleeplessness. On the way home he stopped at the Asian market to pick up mackerel for WDA dinners. White Dog rode along to keep things on schedule.

But before he could do that errand he needed to empty Pumpkin of the boxes and screens that went into assembling the Cancer Warrior Tribute Wall last Sunday. Since it was not a huge priority, he had left things languish in the van with the thought of doing the clean out AFTER his schoolwork was done. Sachi and Taiko were excellent supervisors as he piled everything onto the sunporch.

THEN he was needed at the rental house where the handyman was finishing up stuff he did not get done when he was there on Monday....and the cleaning lady needed Steve's inspection before the new tenant began moving in. Feeling guilty that Puff had not gone for a ride, Steve took her along.

It was now past lunch and treat time, As I doled out duck jerky, Steve ran to the Thai place down the street for the human portion of lunch. His logic, "hot and spicy will be just the thing to revitalize me. I am exhausted and have so much to do!"

It was mid-afternoon before White Dog and the White Dog Army were able to wrangle him into the office and sit him in front of his computer.

As he worked, we simmered fish, made rice and ground up veggies for the White Dog meals. The Army swooned at the smell of the fresh fish and the stock pot full of turkey bones on the other burner being turned into stock. Together, we sliced up vegetables to go into a winter hearty turkey noodle soup. Zsofia discovered that her brother, Yo, was right, zucchini is even better than carrots.

At dinnertime (fashionable late), White Dog looked at our list. Every item was crossed out...well, except for Finish Thesis. "I would have bet that we would be looking at a sheet with lots still left to do," she said in admiration. "but Dad is simply awesome!" I smiled and agreed but added the reminder that the clock was madly ticking on Steve's Sunday midnight deadline. "For the rest of the week, Cinderella and staff, no matter WHAT the problem is, dad is unavailable!"

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Random Felines said...

good luck Steve - we know you can do it!!