December 7, 2014

White Dog jumped down from the chair to greet us at the door. This is something she does not usually do.The rest of the White Dog Army crowds and pushes at the glass door so anxiously that we often have to beg to get the door open. WD waits until we are inside and then expects US to come over and greet HER.

But then Steve is not usually carrying a huge shipping box filled with bags of her favorite dog treats.

Before we grocery shopped this afternoon we met up with our friends Nancy and Dawn who make the White Dog Army's favorite Fergielicious treats. Their absolute favorite is the roasted sweet potato and maple bliss cookies, but they really are fans of all of their offerings.

And here we were, with "hundreds of cookies" as Bella whispered in awe.

She exaggerated a bit, but the box DID contain the cookies we had ordered specially baked for Holiday giving...as well as a stock up order for the White Ones.

Steve set the box on the counter and had not even turned around before Zsofia reminded us of her counter reaching abilities. "I'll have to hide these on the shelf in the closet," Steve joked and everyone ran to see if he was serious. We were going to settle for the laundry room but were reminded that Taiko eats dinner there and of the Army now go in and out of that door as they accompany Steve to the yard...not a good choice.

Steve put the box temporarily on the sunporch while he brought in groceries and we unpacked. At walktime it was clear the box still needed a better home...neither of us liked YoYoMa's suggestion of just setting the box on the living room floor.

The WDA followed Steve and the box to the gate by the laundry room then whined as he opened the door to the basement and disappeared. When he returned it was sans box. The White Ones stood staring through the gate for several minutes before giving up and returning to the living room.

"Good idea," I complimented Steve. "Safe, dry, cool." "Just remind me when we are packing up gifts where I put them," was his response.

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Random Felines said...

better make a note.....or someone is gonna find a strange box of treats come spring :)