December 8, 2014

White Dog whined, "Why can't dad just have a nice regular job where things don't keep changing?" The others quickly surrounded her and added their agreement. Silently I thought, "Yes, it would be nice."

The new quarter has begun. At White Dog Ranch that means adjusting to a new teaching schedule and changes to when Steve is home. For the next 12 weeks, Steve teaches late night courses on Mondays and Tuesdays and is gone all day on Saturdays. Back-to-back late nights are as tough on the White Dog Army as they are on Steve. He does not get home until after 11pm those nights and by the time dogs get walks and he has a cup of soup, it is usually nearing 1am before bedtime actually occurs.

I caressed White Dog's cheek. "A regular job would not give us the luxury of having dad home until mid afternoon most days," I reminded them. "He would not have Fridays off; Fridays when we can all go places that are not crowded like they are on weekends. I know it is hard but let's not forget the advantages of life in academia."

"It is not that," WD said. "It is the changing day stuff. Why can't he just pick two nights be be late and be done?" I explained.  "Classes that are offered change and dad teaches a bunch of different subjects. So he is at the mercy of the registrar and the scheduling team...they don't want students to have conflicts of classes that they need in a specific order or at a specific time in their programs."

"So what you are saying," she said and looked at each of her siblings. "Is that we just have to get used to it?"

"You are the White Dog Army, dear ones. I KNOW you will handle this like champs!"

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Wyatt said...

That doesn't sound so bad. You dogs should all be soundly sleeping in your beds by 11 pm anyway..hee hee. We like this time of year, our peeps are home more :D

Wyatt and Stanzie