January 20, 2015

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army cut short their practice of The Howling Wolf opera reluctantly at my request and gathered around me. "Listen," I started barely speaking above a whisper. "I think momma is getting sickies and my head really hurts. Do you all think you could plan a quiet day for me? Or maybe go out into the yard if you must continue singing? I would really appreciate it."

The White Ones looked sympathetic and each moved forward to nuzzle my hand...except Sachi who saw some motion outside the window. He jumped onto the chair and began a royal barking fit. "Sachi, Sachi, SACHI! please" I begged. White Dog hopped up next to him and issued a growl. He laid down across the top of the chair, still alert, but quiet.

I wrapped up in the afghan, WD sat pressed against my shoulder and I found a position where my face did not feel as though it was going to explode. I slept briefly and when I woke, WD was still at my side. All of the WDA, true to their word, was engaged quietly. They all hovered close, keeping watch should I need them.

YoYoMa lay on one side of my feet ripping the stuffing out of a puppy pillow in his funny gentle way; he "attacks" the pillow like a human would eat an ear of corn--little nibbles down the length and back.

Next to him sat Bella, who is just learning the fine art of toy abuse. She had just about chewed the head off of turtle; his feet were a distant memory.

Sachi was still at his post in the window but his little body straddled the length of the back and he softly snored. I smiled because he always sleeps with his tiny pink tongue sticking out.

Puff was nestled on her mattress by the fireplace and peacefully napped. Taiko's head rested on the edge of her bed and his paw was wrapped around the water dish, and he, too, slept.

I thought the baby was also taking a snooze but when I sat forward and looked between my feet where she rested I found she was silently but intently shredding a stick. She looked up and gave me a kiss before returning to her task.

"Thank you, Sweet Loves," I said and prepared to wrap myself back into the blanket. Just then the brown truck pulled up. I knew it was too much to ask..."Let the delivery man song begin," I said.


Random Felines said...

we hope your momma is feeling better soon and that you are all taking good (and quiet) care of her - except of course when the delivery guy shows up :)

KB Bear said...

I sure hope you're feeling better. I know the feeling. I beg my dogs to be more quiet when I'm having a migraine... but the delivery guy must be barked at!

meowmeowmans said...

Good job, wonderful, loving WDA nurses. (For what it's worth, we totally understand about the Delivery Man Song.)

Sending lots of healing purrs, prayers and light for Momma Sue.