January 21, 2015

White Dog and the White Dog Army were dismayed to discover that not only did I still have sickies this morning but that it was dreary, overcast, and threatened foul weather...AND Steve was getting sickies, too. "This day is going to be worse than cat poop," WD announced. "That doesn't sound SO awful," came the reply from Puff, Zsofia and Sachi...the WDA cat poop aficionados.

Big steamy bowls of oatmeal with cream, butter and brown sugar lifted every one's spirits for awhile. By noon, it was gloomy enough that we needed to turn on lights. It was cold and damp. We cuddled together and Puff changed into a warmer sweater.

"Maybe we will get snow," Taiko suggested. Even though his arthritic body protests, at heart he...and the Baby...both like our brief moments of fluffy whiteness. The others groaned.

The WDA lounged and complained and napped. We snacked our way through nearly an entire bag of sweet potato strips wrapped in jerky. It had begun to drizzle a sad joyless wetness; no one went outside unless nature's call could no longer be denied.

The only good news as Steve left for work was that this was his short day and that he would be home in plenty of time for normal dinner. That provided some comfort to Taiko who had grown increasingly nervous as the afternoon wore on. "Don't worry, my boy," Steve told him. "You curl up and take a cozy warm nap on your bed and I will be back when you wake up."

Steve called on his return to warn that the roads were slick from the rain trying to become snow but ending up as a sort of sleet. He was taking the slower route of local roads and avoiding the expressway.

"Snow!" the word sent Zsofia running to the yard. White Dog followed. Both came in minutes later very wet and cold. "That is NOT fun snow," WD groused. "It is just freezing cold water like being sprinkled with a slushie." I toweled both girls off.

As night falls, the wetness will begin to freeze and things like the sloped drive and the deck ramp will become a bit treacherous. Our plan is early walkies and then a family movie night. All of us huddled under the comforter with hot popcorn has a special appeal on this chilled-to-the-bones night.
Looks like the setting for a horror story, so dismally dark and sinister.
Good night to hide under the covers with the WDA and Steve!


rottrover said...

Sending special rottie healing vibes...

nancy huggins said...

Wow..Love your blog and hope you will come and visit mine too..I would love to have you as a new friend..my blog is makingmemoriesnana just in case you want to know..See ya again soon

Random Felines said...

blech - stay safe and warm!!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Nancy Huggins, the White Dog Army would LOVE to visit your blog and get to know you better. But we cannot find you...are you on Blogspot?

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Wet snow is NO fun!