January 22, 2015

White Dog and Bella are my time keepers. They keep me organized and on-track. I appreciate their diligence and care, I really do, even though I pride myself on being fairly in command of my to-dos.

In the morning, it is Bella who noses my hand until I sit up in bed and then paces huffing at me until I get up and begin the day. White Dog waits for me at the arm of my chair...and if I am slow to enter our living room, she will hop down and dramatically "check" to make sure I am all right. Both at my side (or Bella underneath and WD on the arm of my chair), they have little patience for the lingering enjoyment of the Coffee Club. Once we have a plan and a schedule, my "masters" relax a bit and can enjoy a post-breakfast nap.

These past few days, both girls have given me latitude because of my sickies. Neither have been happy at time lost and tasks postponed but they are compassionate and loving, so I have been reminded of things that needed to get done in the gentlest of ways.

Today I made the mistake of announcing that I was actually feeling better. Bella began her insistent nudging right after they ate; White Dog intervened to allow me until noon to slowly get back into the swing of things. But as the church bells tolled twelve, Bella came out from hiding to tap my knee and trot to the hallway door. WD jumped down and joined her, then looked back to make sure I followed.

"I guess the head of nursing has decided I am cured," I complained to Steve who was stretched out with Sachi cuddling on his chest; Puff and Zsofia at his feet. No one hounded him.

YoYoMa sauntered in to keep me company. He had heard the list about clearing the unruly stack on my desk and designing the new postcard. He was sympathetic but dared not incur the wrath of the time police, so he laid down behind my chair. His paw held my leg in support but he gave the girls the illusion that he was there to keep me trapped in place.

Taiko strolled out of the bedroom shaking his head to clear the last traces of dreamtime just as the mailman arrived. Yo, Bella and WD streaked past him and he stood in the doorway where he could watch the frenzy without being drawn in. His strategic position meant that he was my blocker as I rushed to use the facilities and rewrap myself in the blanket before their "Ode to the USPS" was done.


Angel Pip and Ruby said...

It sounds like you have quite a team to help nurse your sickies and also get you back on track!

P.S. We are having a little contest to celebrate our 500th post today. Hope you will stop by.

rottrover said...

We hope you are feeling the betterment. Nursing duties are really stressful ;-)


Random Felines said...

well, they gotta nap sometime... :)