January 27, 2015

White Dog bolted for the door. Puff was hot on her heels. Steve had just asked the girls if either wanted to go for a ride.

They were going to take donated shoes to the storage unit, stop at the pharmacy, and stop to pick up sandwiches for lunch. White Dog always likes an itinerary and enjoys a destination where she can get out and stretch her legs. Puff goes just for the sheer pleasure of the ride itself. For her, it is like that old Prince song, "I don't care where we go; don't care what we do..."

The storage place is fenced and gated and the unit donated for the shoe drive is at the very end of the facility so there is never any traffic. Steve pulled up alongside of the rollup door and opened it; then he opened the side sliding door of Pumpkin. This way he could grab a bag, take just a few steps and toss it onto the bazillion other bags already in the room. It was efficient.

White Dog sniffed around a bit then sat at the entrance of the storage unit and watched as Steve unloaded the 15 bags. Puff was content to rest in the passenger seat watching for a while before curling up to nap. When Steve completed his task, WD strolled in and nosed around the mountain of black bags. It was too daunting a task for the cell phone camera to capture the mounded black bags and Little White Dog in the interior shadows.

A bit later, Steve returned to the van after picking up pills for momma, Puff, and himself to discover Puff basking, asleep, in the sunpuddle on the driver's seat...and White Dog busily shredding a tissue she found in the side pocket of my seat. Neither girl seemed inclined to move over or surrender the scraps of kleenex.

White Dog and Puff burst into the house announcing that it was lunchtime. This brought the entire White Dog Army running. They excitedly followed Steve (carrying the bag) into the kitchen only to be told, "We are not sharing."

But drooping tails turned to wags as I reached for the familiar bag. "THAT is because it is duck jerky time!" I announced. I had just enough time before I was swarmed to pet our travelers and thank them for getting so much accomplished. Both smiled their joy at being appreciated and gratitude for the excursion.

White Dog at my shoulder and Puff against my right foot, the ladies finished their treats and in no time were gently making the sweet noises of sleep. Steve stifled a huge yawn.

"Car rides and errands seem to be a big energy drain," I commented, but no one heard...they were all in post-lunch nap mode.


Bailey said...

Hi, it's me, Bailey. I know it's been AGES since I've commented... this past year our family has had one too many losses. That's why I'm here. :( You were one of my very first bloggie friends when I started my blog more than 4 years ago. I want to thank you so much for all your advice and support. I have some sad news to share. My hu-family had to bring my furry sister Nala to the Rainbow Bridge just 2 weeks ago. I shared the news on my bloggie (there are pics too). I also have a new furry brother. His name is Jax, and he's 2 months old. I'm gonna try and start blogging again, maybe once a week to start. I hope you and the WDA are doing well. Woofs & huggies to you all! <3

Angel Pip and Ruby said...

I find running errands exhausting, too!

Random Felines said...

we don't run errands with mom, but we are ALL about the naps :)

meowmeowmans said...

Car rides and errands ARE tiring. But duck jerky sure has a way of making a day brighter, doesn't it? :)