January 28, 2015

White Dog handed out assignments as Steve brought in shoes to be sorted, paired and bagged up for the Paws To People used shoe fundraiser. We had quite a collection that needed attending to. "And you?" I asked as the Leader of the White Dog Army folded her list. "I am going to sit on the arm of the chair next to you and supervise...and YoYoMa is our backup should somepup need relieving."

The others seemed OK with that plan and the project was begun. By the time Steve had to stop and  ready himself for work, the team had prepared 125 pairs of shoes for the storage unit.

"Treat time," WD called out. To me, she shared a bit of management philosophy. "Always reward the workers, food is generally most popular. And be sure to tell them what a GREAT job they have done."

I grabbed the bag. "Ahem?" she prompted. Steve, our resident MBA stepped in to cover my lapse. "Thanks every one; you did a fabulous job! Now let's all enjoy some jerky and spend the rest of the day relaxing!" Tails wagged in response.

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Angel Pip and Ruby said...

Yes, food rewards are always popular. What a great fundraiser!