January 4, 2015

White Dog watched as Steve and I split the tasks of creating a rustic Italian meal for mid-afternoon when friends came by for a post-holiday relaxing and eating. "You know Zsofia thinks you are having a Surprise Party for her," the Little White Dog of My Heart shared with me.

"Really?" "Yep," Sachi confirmed. "Today she is six months old. She has poked into every corner and cranny trying to find her presents." Puff laughed, "Zso thinks because she has had her spaying and is half a year old that she now qualifies as an Elder of the Pack and will be showered with anything she desires." The rest of The White Dogs howled at the thought...especially as it was shared by Puff, at 16 years old.

"Well, Adam and Andre love dogs. they have six of their own. And they have been dying to meet our baby," I said after hearing the dog door bang from the Baby heading outside. Why not make it a party?"

Steve and I looked over the menu. We could make some pup-sized meatballs and noodles for the WDA. And I could lightly bread and saute the tops and bottoms of the eggplant to make small slabs for WD versions of Eggplant Ricotta Roulades. Our friends were bringing dessert and I wasn't about to ask them to share with the WDA, so White Dog thought for a moment..."We all love the coconut apricot cookies you made for the holidays. There are still some in the freezer. We could each have one of those." "Remember, if you eat dessert then no begging for appetizers," Steve reminded them.

When they arrived, actually before they even got in the door, the WDA was fully into their song of greeting, punctuated by the woos of our "Birthday Girl." When Adam sat down Zso threw herself into his lap with joy. He was surprised at her size but giggled at her kisses. Sachi sat on Andre's lap and charmed him for hours. Our friends have between them a collection of Pugs, Pomeranians, and Chihuahuas. They were both impressed by the WDA manners when it came time to eat.

It was a lovely afternoon. Later, as Steve made dinners for the WDA and they pushed and shoved and jumped and barked, he asked "What happened to those beautiful manners you displayed earlier?"

"PARTY manners, dad," he was told. "Like for a PARTY!"


Mr. Pip said...

It's hard to maintain manners when puff-sized meatballs are involved!

Brian said...

Hey, meatballs are always fun to chase!

Random Felines said...

plus you know....food :)