January 5, 2015

White Dog said, "You know while everyone is focused on watching the Baby grow up, we have all missed the amazing progress Bella has been making."
She was reacting to Bella E. Premurosa, our shyest one, who formally spent most of her time hiding under the momma chair, calmly resting on the back of the Watching Chair...far from the security of being able to dart under the chair...completely out in the open. She even came out on Sunday to say hello to our visiting friends...I was shocked and pleased at her bravery.

I looked at my Constant Companion sitting with such confidence and ease. It was one of those moments when I tear up in pride. For so many months Bella has timidly hidden and slunk; she is never far from my side.

There is a part of me that misses her needing me so much but then I look at her happy wag and alert eyes as she prances back into the office to check on me and I am taken by her new found independence. Less often does she just lie patiently as I work. More and more frequently she is off playing with Zsofia, or watching out of the window, or on some adventure of playing with toys (another newly found joy).

Her delight when she stands before me, tail wagging, to "check in" is contagious. "I love you," I tell her and stroke her ears. A quick kiss and my beautiful and caring one, my Bella Bee, buzzes off again.

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rottrover said...

WD is so perceptive!