February 10, 2015

White Dog was getting annoyed. Zsofia was playing "Tag Along" and WD could not shake her. Everything WD did, Zso copied right on her heels and when they stopped the Darker Shade of White Dog would nose her sister in the ear or push her snout under WD's curled white floofy tail.

The long legged baby had already driven YoYoMa back to his sleeping spot with her yelling in his face and tapping him on the shoulder. Bella and Sachi were both gasping for air from the wrestling workouts she had given them both. Taiko still pressed against Steve's leg to avoid another episode of having the youngest one use him for high jump practice, making sport of charging at him and then nimbly leaping over.

Finally, the Leader of the White Dog Army reached her limit. She whirled and before Zsofia could react had her pinned to the floor. "ENOUGH!" stopped both in their tracks before things seriously escalated. WD hopped back on her place of authority. "You need to learn some manners, Baby Girl. Good thing you begin school next week."

Zsofia looked at me and then ran to her daddy, clearing poor Tai to jump in Steve's lap. "She is right," Steve told her as she tried to gain an ally by licking his face. "You begin obedience training in just seven days." Zso howled a pitiful "Woo!"

"Don't worry I will go with you," Steve reassured her. "And you will continue to be homeschooled as well. Momma and I thought some outside lessons with a trainer would give you a chance to focus."

"I HATE you, momma," my Sibe Drama Queen wailed (aren't they all, WD muttered). "I am going to have to spend all my time at school working on dumb stuff and then come home and have everybody torture me more here! No fun EVER gain. My bright spirit squashed like a tiny firefly. I will become a robot. My life is doomed." She sank into Steve's lap and buried her head under his arm.
Life will never be the same. I am a freebird, not meant to sit behind a desk  and study calculus in school!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I see someone very cute!

NanĂ¼k said...

Oh my dear girl, woe is you. But hang in there, this is a good thing. Love an woooos,


Random Felines said...

oh the drama :) tell her we hear that some puppy classes have a "running around" session

Little Reufus said...

Oh I do love the dramatickal plot twists and turns! And what a cutey!!!

with love from Little Reufus, Baby Dasher and the Mom

meowmeowmans said...

Poor, poor Zsofia. We bet you'll learn some pawsome stuff in Obedience School. Just wait and see. :)