February 11, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog read the confirming email over my shoulder then jumped down to spread the news. "It is official!"

Here at White Dog Ranch we can imagine nothing that makes the world more wonderful than a pup or kitty finding a forever home. And when it is a pet that has been waiting truly forever, our hearts sing.

National Mill Dog Rescue saves the lives of dogs used in puppy mills, a indescribably awful life of living in a cage, being used for nonstop production of babies and then being discarded at auctions which are cheap sources for bait animals and other horrors. It is not really a life, rather it is being merely alive.

Over two years ago, a small Eskie girl was given the miracle of a second chance in the form of being rescued. She was nearly 9 years old at the time. She came to the rescue and was found to have stress colitis and an off-the-scale fear of humans.

Her health issues could not be brought under control despite the best efforts of an amazing foster mom who took her in and lovingly cleaned up and attempted to calm the little one's fear. Never in all of that time was there any interest from a potential adopter...until the White Dog Army found her.

It was frustrating at first getting the attention of the rescue and convincing them of our abilities and commitment. But when they finally started reading and hearing our plea, the wheels began to turn for the dog who had no name, who the rescue named "Storm" for their promotion of her and who her German foster called "Flocke" to become our newest recruit.

We believe we can, in time, get her 24 months of diarrhea under control with probiotics, the fish-based diet the WDA eats and the addition of Kefir to her diet. We know from her foster that while this sweet pup quakes in the presence of humans (after all this time, the foster can only get within 6 feet of the pup before she runs in terror) she absolutely adores the company of other dogs and learns well from them.

Well, the WDA has dogs, smart ones who support and learn from each. I believe they will be instrumental in helping our newest member find her groove. I have asked Bella, once a mill breeder who never had touched grass, to take on the job of mentor. Bella well understands being timid around humans...she still is VERY cautious herself. All of the WDA will take on responsibilities of dog door training, where the water dishes are, best nap sites, etc.

Steve and I will employ a strategy of patience, gentle conversation, and non-threatening interaction.

When Puff came to us, nearly feral, she would run out of the doggie door into the farthest corner of the yard every time I moved to pet or touch her. I despaired at that time that she hated me. The Thundering Herd gave me advice to patiently ignore her and let her approach me. It took excruciating weeks but one day Puff came over and touched my leg with her nose. I did not move although I wanted to grab her into my arms and kiss her full of love. Over the next days she became bolder and more accepting of being touched. I am hoping this same patience will work again.

On February 22 we will drive to pick up our new baby and bring her home. Currently she is recovering from having a mammary tumor removed and is scheduled for some GI and blood work. Dr. Julia has been alerted and we are awaiting medical reports to develop a protocol...but already the foster is beginning the switch to the WDA's kibble, is adding probiotics to her diet mixed with kefir. We hope she will be switched over completely by the time we bring her home and she has to deal with the stress of a new environment and siblings.

White Dog as been busy in preparation. She has convened the WDA and it has been decided that our newest recruit will be known as Gentle Storm, Certainly A White Dog!

Please share our Wonderful World Wednesday introduction...Gentle Storm (we have no photos of our own yet, but these are the shots from NMDR)


NanĂ¼k said...

You all are truly heroes, we salute you!

Nuk, Isis & Timber

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Lucky baby× where do I file to be adopted?

JudyMae said...

Beautiful lucky dog.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

this is wonderful news!

Random Felines said...

That is awesome!!! WDA we salute you!! Warm welcoming gentle purrs to Storm.....she doesn't know how lucky she is yet.

Brian said...

We are so happy that sweetie is coming home to be part of the Army!