February 15, 2015

White Dog poked her head into the refrigerator, "Any of the cheesecake left from yesterday's party?" Her question drew Taiko, Sachi, and Zsofia over to add their snooters into the shelves while Steve struggled to close the door. "Not for breakfast there is not," he told the disappointed throng.

"Well, pesto is not exactly a breakfast food, either," yesterday's Gotcha Girl pouted. "This is for the Board of Directors' Meeting this afternoon," Steve told her, "and if you talk a little more sweetly you and the Army MIGHT get some noodles with oil and basil in YOUR breakfasts."

As if a switch had been thrown, heads exited the frig and everypup politely sat, waiting. Steve kept his promise and doled noodles into each bowl; he began to distribute breakfast but was stopped by WD clearing her throat.

"Yes?" he queried. "No garlic bread with the pasta?" she asked. "Has anyone ever mentioned how spoiled you are," Steve responded. "You have noodles and kibble and buffalo chunks with your pills in them. I think you can get by without garlic bread OR peanut butter brownies." WD sighed and said over her shoulder to the others, "it was worth a try."

We packed up the van to head to the meeting and prepared to leave. White Dog sat next to me and Steve took Zsofia by the collar to kennel her. "Wait," White Dog intervened. "You are only going to be gone for two hours, tops. And Candace will come in to check on us before she leaves for work. I would like to give the Baby a chance to earn some stripes. Let's NOT crate her and see what happens. I will be responsible."

"Are you sure," I asked. "She can be a handful even when we are here especially if she and Sachi start wrestling." I looked at the rest of the White Dog Army. "If it doesn't work we will know she is not ready yet," Taiko said. "Like you always say, momma, people rise to meet your expectations if you give them a chance," Puff added. "Yo and I can handle keeping things in order," White Dog reassured. "Give it a shot." "Say yes" Bella begged. I looked at Steve who shrugged.

While he texted Candace of our plan, I held Zso's face in my hands. "OK Itty Bitty Baby Girl," I told her. "This is a Big Girl test. White Dog and the others believe you are ready. That is a lot of trust. I know you will try your hardest not to disappoint." With that, I kissed her head, nuzzled WD and we were off.
P.S. tomorrow marks our 3,500th post. Please stop by to join us for this milestone.


NanĂ¼k said...

Oh Zso, I have faith may furiend,


Random Felines said...

that first step of faith is always the hardest....we hope she proved the WDA right :)