February 16, 2015

White Dog and I started blogging when she was just 6 months old. It started out, as Steve sold me on the idea, as a "way to stretch your writing skills with a daily commitment to write." Neither WD or I were sure about this strange environment to call upon the muse but we took the challenge to heart. Daily, then as now, we sat to string words together that captured our story.

At first, the task was daunting and I was convinced that creative writing on a computer screen was somehow an oxymoron. In those first years, White Dog and I hand wrote our entries onto paper in actual diaries and then translated them to to the electronic page. We have a lovely collection of journals from those first years.

We didn't know the rules or the protocol of writing a blog. Neither of us was convinced it was something that would last long in our development so we were our own rulemakers when it came to what we did. When we ventured outside of our blogpage, it was intimidating...full of insider jokes, lots of photos and stories that often went out of their way to eliminate the human or home element.

I am not a photographer. That is Steve's job. It unnerved me at first that other blogs were full of photos and fantasy images and clever artwork; ours was merely words. White Dog even as a pup had a natural elan and confidence. "Do what you do best momma," she told me. "to me your words ARE pictures. Just tell our story and others will find us."

White Dog and I look back over ten years and realize we have witnessed a gradual but amazing shift. At first, all those years ago, this group told stories about their pets; now we share moments of our lives.

As our Blog Community matured, we became invested not just in fun photoshopped parties and adventures but in the everyday journeys of each other lives. We became unafraid to show our human faces and fit them into the context of what our dogs experienced. Our dogs brought us together but it was now more...a commitment to each other to share and to care.

Suddenly we we more than a community, we became a family whose power of the paw focused on healing sickness or ill fortunes, whose concern during the disasters of life united us to help in real connected ways. Fires, job losses, pup (kitty) and human sicknesses, death...the Blog Family reached out and lifted up.

The saddest times were those when a sweet friend departed for the Rainbow Bridge...that loss was felt...but so was the fear that we would lose the connection to that family and their journey forever.

Now, three thousand five hundred posts since that first day, we cannot imagine life without you all. NO WHERE have we ever found a group of so many extraordinary, giving and brave beings pulled together in one unified heartbeat. We are blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this.

You have traveled with one Little White Dog and I through joyful travel, finding our stride, sickness of all kinds, the hardest of times, the most wonderful of celebrations. You have cried and cheered with us as we suffered losses and became an Army. You have encouraged us to become Warriors in the fight to change the world and end disease. You have been supportive and understanding when WD and I were overwhelmed.  But mostly, you listened...did not judge, and you simply cared.

3,500 posts. It has been an amazing journey. If you had asked White Dog and I the script back on that first day, it would have looked nothing like it has been written. Thank you.


Asta said...

We treasure every word you write and are honored to have met you and be able to call you a good friend. White dog and the whole army has given us countless moments of joy. Thank you for that. Forgive us for no longer blogging, mommi just can't do it anymowe, but that doesn't mean we have fowgotten all the wondewful fwiends and shawed expewiences and love. You awe in ouw heawts fuwwevew
Smoochie kisses,Asta and Mommi

David Barett said...

Beautiful Blog. I love white dogs!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a spectacular milestone! I have loved reading the adventures of the WDA and believe me, your words do paint pictures. It has been a joy watching as the WDA has grown into the amazing pack of beautiful dogs it is today, and learning about, and knowing, each and every White Dog.

You stated the joys and pains of dog blogging so perfectly, especially when you wrote, "...the fear that we would lose the connection to that family and their journey forever." Always heartbreaking.

Congratulations again on 3,500 amazing, wonderful, tear-jerking, informative, and happy posts. Next stop, 5,000!


Suka Angel and K

Brian said...

BRAVO and CONGRATS! Time sure flies when you're having fun with family and friends!

Random Felines said...

3500 posts is amazing. We are SO glad to have "met" you and to call you all friends.

NanĂ¼k said...

Congrats my friends,

Nuk & Family

Gus said...

We are totally in awe of your accomplishment. I started blogging all by myself in 2005-mostly because Rich had a year of sabbatical and we were planning to spend it in New Orleans. Well, first our beloved ESS died 10 days before we left Arizona and then 13 days after we arrived in NOLA, the big hurricane hit the city. The blog was a blessing, because we could keep in touch with family and reassure them of our safety without spendng hours each day on the phone.

When Gus joined us in Lexington, VA we were off and running, and had an excellent track record for a few years, until life took over. Today we seldom blog, but we love the people we met when we were writing regularly, and some we have only met recently.

So, we know how strong you must be to share the journey daily, and how difficult some of those days can be. And our awe is made of admiration and inspiration for your accomplishments, for your honesty and for your courage.

Kisses to all
Barb, Gus and Teka Toy

Agnes B. Bullock said...

WHN does not know how she would have gotten through the last few years without the WDA and you! Blogging has been a source of strength, family and fun.

Honest2goodness said...

I love your beautiful hearts and miss you terribly. The WDA are so much a part of my heart. So glad I get to see you here!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Congratulations!! 3,500 is a lot!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow. 3500 posts. That is a tremendous and wonderful milestone. We are so thankful for you, dear friends, and grateful and honored that you choose to share your lives and wisdom with us.

Love, hugs and hearty congratulations. Here's to 3500 more posts, and beyond!