February 2, 2015

White Dog stretched and tilted her nose to the sun. "February just keeps getting better and better," she told Steve. They, along with Puff, had just returned from running an errand and discovered TWO packages waiting at the door.

They rushed into the house and the entire White  Dog Army swarmed around to sniff and predict. "Smaller package first," I said knowing full well that this would not have been their choice.

It was Puff's new winter weight sweatshirt designed especially for her by her very own couturier, Nancy who whips up magic at Chicy BowWow. Every pup had to lay their face against the soft brightly colored fabric. Zsofia stuck her head and snooter into the neck of the sweater and Puff looked terrified that she would rip it. "Itty Bitty Baby Girl," I told her as I gently removed the sweater, "There is not a prayer that this will fit you." She nosed my cheek. "You do not need a sweatshirt. Remember, you did not even like a t-shirt when you had your Big Girl surgery."

Steve helped Puff slip out of her lighterwaer (it was 60 today) so she could try on and model the new outfit. She snuggled into it and looked marvelous. "Sweetheart, it is too warm today to wear this," I told her as she protested taking it off. "I promise the very next cold day you can put it on."
The WDA had patiently waited while Puff had her moment of discovery and fun but White Dog's gentle tap reminded me that there was still a box to be opened. It was mysteriusly wrapped in rown paper and smelled, all agreed, simply delicious.

Steve tore off the brown paper and exclaimed, "Who ordered the giant box of Biquick?" The Army looked shocked. "It is a recycled box, sillies," I told them. "Use your noses. What does it smell like?" Steve teased as he slowly took off the tape inch by inch. Sachi was jumping as high as Steve's waist and Zsofia stood on her back legs with her paws on Steve's chest. Taiko leaned against the back of Steve's legs. Bella did her tiny dancer ballet. YoYoMa remembered his manners and sat waiting. WD waited imperially on the arm of my chair.

"Oh my dog," Steve exclaimed holding the box up high and peeking inside. "It is FULL of treats!" The WDA began to sing the treattime song.

Steve teased like a stripper, pulling a bag out a bit and then pushing it back into the box. Tails were wagging. "There are too many in here for one treat session he said and dashed into the kitchen to put the extras into the freezer. The WDA flowed after him afraid that he would hide away ALL of the treats. "Steve!," I admonished.

He handed me a huge ziplock bag filled with Yara's Fishy Paws, half fish half cheese dog biscuits. They had been handbaked by Lynn at Simply Stylish Snoods, a hand craft shop that raises money for Greyt Hearts service dogs. Yummy treats AND a great cause. WD said that tasting samples were required. She grabbed the bag and got comfortable. "Ahem." She looked at me. Samples to share, please." Long sigh. 


Angel Pip and Ruby said...

I love her new jacket. It is nice that it has long sleeves - so many dog coats do not. This looks nice and warm.

Yummy treats!

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Her new jacket is a beauty! What a fabulous model. And the treats look good too!