February 3, 2015

White Dog chuckled as we watched the Walkers return from a mid-day jaunt around he neighborhood. Since Steve is no longer a student and Zsofia is growing legs as long as a racehorse, YoYoMa suggested it was time to resurrect the Walk Before Work.

Sunday's visit to the Park convinced Steve that it was time to get back into a routine, starting at least three times a week to harness up his reliable walk buddy, Yo, and the flaming ball of energy, Zso, and to seriously walk.

They were gone for a little over half and hour and walked three miles.

When they left, Steve reported, Miss Z was wild with excitement and actually ran/ power walked the boys as they struggled to teach the young one to pace herself.

The last stretch, and what we saw coming up the drive was an ode to "older and wiser." Yo was leading the group in a constant, steady trot. The darkest white dog was lagging behind even Steve. WD said, "If she were a human child, she would be begging to be carried."

Once inside, both pups headed for drinking bowls and Steve downed his own glass of water before collapsing into a chair. "OK, it is going to take a little to get back into the groove," he commented as he unlaced his running shoes and massaged his feet. YoYoMa was already stretched out on the heath but hoisted himself up when I lifted the treat bag.

"We waited for your return," I told the Walkers as the WDA surged forward for jerky. After, the baby just fell over at my feet, where she had received her treat. She was too tired to even move.  Puff nuzzled her ear and sat down next to her.

"Looks like at least two White Dogs will not care that this is my late night," Steve noted looking at the sleeping walk partners. "I would give Zso an hour to nap and I bet she would gladly take you around again," I teased. "Then maybe I should be glad that I won't be home for that challenge."


Angel Pip and Ruby said...

I'm certain everyone will sleep well tonight! Sweet dreams!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Walking is good for everyone!

Random Felines said...

yep - tired huskies are a good thing :)