February 27, 2015

White Dog commented on how quiet the neighborhood was just as Steve came in to announce that both the University and the Public School system had cancelled classes for the day and that most of the city was on a two-hour delay.With that he threw open the blinds so that we could see that the back deck was covered in several inches of snow, which continued to fall.

As if that wasn't enough of an early morning shock, Zsofia came bounding in from the yard, furs sparkling with snowflakes, paws wet to her calves. She leaped up to join us on the bed and thrust her VERY cold nose on my bare shoulder. "Hey! You're freezing! Stop" She stopped nosing me to sit across my hips so that her cold belly seeped into my blanket warmth. SHE was obviously enjoying this different form of white..

"Good thing you didn't plan on the long drive to pick up Storm," White Dog noted.

There was a traffic jam at the doggie door as she hopped down. Sachi, Bella and YoYoMa already clustered there. Bella had her head through the door to the outside but no one seemed particularly inclined to head out into the wet, snowy weather and cold feet.

Zso pushed her way past and over her shoulder on her way back out, asked, "Does this mean School is cancelled for me, too?" "No, Baby Girl," Steve answered her. "This weather is just your cup of tea."

In class we practiced "Stays." both in sit and down positions. And we worked a bit on not charging an open door. Our girl, who the trainer thinks is very bright, has figured out an invitation by Sara to do an activity (like walking through a door previously denied her) is a setup for a lesson. So we learned the mechanism for training and reinforcement and will practice this at home...since Miss Z would NOT rush over the threshold without invitation even when Steve stood on the other side talking to a tech.
The snow has continued all day. This is highly unusual for Albuquerque; we actually have an accumulation. Still the snow falls. It is difficult for me to get around both on foot (like walking down the front steps and drive to the van) and in my wheelchair. Bedtime walks have been cancelled because of the slick sidewalks and uneven footing.

All through the evening Zsofia has needed to be periodically called inside. She has been "snow basking," lying out in the snow staring upward or eating sticks as she is slowly covered in flakes. Not one of the others will join her despite her repeatedly woo'd invitations or the bribes of sticks she has brought in and laid in front of Sachi and Yo.

WD is not so secretly hoping that classes are cancelled for Steve tomorrow, but there is no word yet. We are pretty convinced that like the past two attempts, Sunday's drive to the Colorado border to pick up Storm will be a "no-go."

To me, it is beginning to feel too much like the Chicago winters we so long ago left behind.


Gus said...

Sounds familiar. I am learning to that the weather I loved in Grad School is not so friendly to my aging body, and longing for the time when the dogs had a yard and we did only two walks a day!

But there are still things I love about snow. Particularly the view out our front windows to the tiny park directly across the street.

Hoping for sunshine so the trip can go forward.

Random Felines said...

Poor Zso....enjoy it now cause summer won't be as much fun :)

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy White Dog Army. Wowza your snow is amazing. We didn't think you got snow in your part of the world (but we weren't sure). It does look like fun though albeit cold. Hope your weekend is grreat. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

FiveSibesMom said...

Oh lucky Zso!!! Snow is truly Husky bliss - and she doesn't know how lucky she is to have it in NM! We'll dub this one Zso's Snow Day! Enjoy sweet baby girl! Woos from the Five!