February 28, 2015

White Dog went out with Steve to survey the damage. She came in with the look TV soap opera doctors wear when they are about to announce the rare ailment is beyond their abilities. "February seems to be leaving like a lion," she said.

Every ten years or so, just to keep us from becoming complacent, our sun-drenched, mild part of the world takes a walk on winter's wild side. This was the year. Between Friday afternoon and Saturday late day, the Duke City received a whopping NINE INCHES of snow...in the heart of the valley, in the downtown city...NOT in the foothills or ski areas. We normally get about 9.6" ANNUALLY. The city shutdown in shock (except for Steve's school mostly because the new director didn't know the procedure to do so).

Zsofia LOVED the snow and it excess. Not so much the rest of the White Dog Army. And especially not YoYoMa.

When Steve relandscaped part of the yard last summer, he added a pretty little aluminum framed octagonal gazebo with screen cloth sides and a breathable nylon roof. WD and Steve thought they were clever by bracketing the structural aluminum "legs" of several sides to the wooden deck and storage shed so the wind would not carry it off during bad weather.

Saturday late morning, after delaying as long as he could, Yo went out to take care of business. It was still snowing so he smartly chose to go INSIDE the open gazebo screen door to stay dry. I am not sure if he was done but he came rushing in drenched in snow with small drifts on his back and head. Zsofia came in right after and tried to eat what he carried on his body.

"What were you doing?" I asked thinking at first he might have been rolling. All of the White Dog Army was gathered around the dog door. I followed and looked out.

The gazebo roof had given way under the weight of the snow and the aluminum frame seemed to be bending over weeping at the loss. Poor Yo must have been caught at the moment of collapse. There was still enough light when Steve got home for him to go out and look.

White Dog was right, the roof was torn, the aluminum bent and the plastic connectors sheared off. Steve could not even drag the roof to empty the snow load; it was too heavy.

It took Zsofia only a few minutes to overcome her sense of loss. Steve turned as he returned inside to see his Baby Girl nosing through the snow mounds and tugging at the fabric.


Random Felines said...

poor Yo...bad timing indeed. glad someone is enjoying the white stuff

Angel Keisha said...

My hoomin says snow is funny! :)

Angel Pip and Ruby said...

I bet this reminds you of your time in Chicago or maybe why you left Chicago. LOL

meowmeowmans said...

Sorry to hear Yo was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but glad he is okay.