January 31, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army were NOT happy...and it was only 7am.

It was just beginning to become a new day but as WD put, "You sure could not tell from the sunlight." Saturday is Steve's VERY early morning, his class starts at eight so we all rise and take care of morning business and eat breakfast before he leaves. Then he is gone until six.

Candace already had left. Her shift at the airport began at 5:30am. We heard her quietly let the girls out and hustle them back inside before they awoke fully enough to make noise.

It was overcast, and yes, raining again.

The prospects for the day were not rich and inviting. White Dog tossed her furs in frustration. "Let's just cancel the day. I am awake too early. Every one fun is gone to work. It is raining and damp. And I am just sick of being cooped up! I am going back to bed. Wake me when the sun comes out or the Ark is completed...and please include a dog park on the boat!"

YoYoMa seconded her rant and curled up at the hearth. Puff joined them by tucking her nose under her tail on her bed. Sachi was already balanced on the chair pillow, asleep. Bella came out from her hiding space to let me know she agreed then slipped back under the chair. Taiko hobbled over on his pained joints to rest his head on my knee and look up apologetically. "Yes, Sweet Boy, it is probably good for you to just go and rest. It will relieve the achiness." He gratefully trundled off and I heard him grunt as he laid down on his bed.

Zsofia brought me the ball and asked me to play. I threw it once and she trotted into the kitchen, retrieved it, and brought it back. I tossed it again. She went to the ball, looked down and walked away from it. Gracefully she hopped onto the sofa, curled into a ball and closed her eyes.

I looked around the room. It was nearly eight. The WDA has officially cancelled the day. It WAS glum and uninspiring. My coffee cup was empty. I pulled the afghan over me. "It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow," I said to no one in particular before I folded my glasses and closed my eyes.

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that's count lot for me thanks for your kind attention. Lost and found