January 30, 2015

White Dog could not believe it. neither could the rest of the White Dog Army. It was another grey, damp day that alternated rain with useless wet snow that melted on hitting the ground. "I thought we advertise 310 days of sunshine here in New Mexico," she groused. "This is like the 200th day in a row of living at the southern tip of South America."

"I think you exaggerate, Little White Dog of My Heart, but this weather IS becoming a bit tiresome."

The others joined in with her complaints. "There is nothing to do." "We can't even nap in sunpuddles because there aren't any." "All my joints ache." "Everything feels cold and wet." "I am even tired of eating treats..."

Conversation stopped and all eyes turned to look at Taiko in shock. He backed down under the pressure of his pack. "Well maybe not tired of eating treats but bored that eating is the ONLY fun thing we can do."  The Army began breathing again and Taiko hurried over to bury his head in Steve's lap.

Even Steve fueled their dissatisfaction. "Thank goodness I never got to taking the roof and side screens off of the Gazebo structure in the yard," he shared. "The cover blocks the rain and the WDA has cleverly been going in there for potty breaks to maximize staying dry." "Very clever, White Ones."

Unfortunately the reports say our weather is going to stay the same until sunday, which means another entire day and night of muck... Overcast, rain alternating with snow and temperatures that are too warm for real snow and too cold for any relief from the bone chilling dampness.

If the WDA makes it until Sunday when it is predicted to be clear and pleasant, a trip to the soggy Park will be in order, even if we only walk the pathways.

But first the resourceful White Ones will need to figure out how to endure another day without succumbing to rain rage. The only rule...NO Monopoly. Zsofia eats the hotels and WD gloats as she amasses her fortune...AND no cards...YoYoMa cheats.

Wish us luck.


Random Felines said...

It is hard when you can't send the kids out into the backyard to burn off some energy :)

rottrover said...

Good luck, WDA! We had that weather a couople of weeks ago. That's when mom got sick and I had to care for her. Atleleast I had a job!