March 12, 2015

White Dog was grumpy. "This is the week between classes and dad hasn't even had a break!" She complained. She had expected time like over Christmas when Steve was home for nearly ten days; when there was LOTS of time for trips to the Park and car rides and White Dog Army fun.

"Sweet Girl," I gently tried to explain, "this is not a vacation for dad, the students are not there and classes are not in session but this is a time of meetings and planning and in-service training and administrative work. He has promised to take Friday off, just like when he teaches, and he won't have to go to school on Saturday!"

"That is not very much extra time," she complained. Taiko joined her argument, "THAT hardly makes up for all his late nights and extra time to meet with students. I REALLY miss dad when he is not here."

"We all miss dad when he is not here, Tai. But we must be fair. He is not just working to buy mackerel and duck jerky. Dad loves what he does and has changed lives. Try to understand. He loves each of you completely and thinks of you all of the time he is not here," I reminded them.

It was nearing eight, the time I expected Steve home from his meeting. "He will be home soon," I told the entire White Dog Army. Tails began to wag.

YoYoMa paused in the mounting Welcome Home enthusiasm to consider practical issues. "Will you make sure that the VERY first thing dad does when he gets here is to remake our dinners? I am near to starving." With his comment both Puff and Storm raced out to the kitchen to check if meals had been served.

"Everyone, one of dad's first priorities will be getting you new dinners, fear not. No pup will go hungry," I reassured. When Candace had come in an hour earlier to help me feed the WDA, we discovered another army had invaded the house...ants crawled on prepared dog meals and marched across the counter. Candace had dumped the meals and thoroughly scrubbed bowls and counter with a sudsy peppermint concoction that is promised to make the annoying six leggers disappear. Now the pups waited, "near to starving."

Right on time Steve returned home and was swept by a blizzard of white into the kitchen. "Is there something I need to know," he asked as he was pushed toward the gleaming WDA bowls in the rack.

WOOO WOOO WOO Zsofia replied and was joined by the others adding their explanations.

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Random Felines said...

We bet he got detailed instructions