March 11, 2015

White Dog put her paw on my arm. "Let me handle it," she said and jumped down. It was Zsofia Angel or Devil Day and at the moment our Darkest White Dog wore leathery wings and goat horns.

YoYoMa is my most patient and tolerant White Dog. He goes out of his way to walk away from trouble and understands that Zso is still a baby. He ignores most of her nonsense, even when she sticks her snooter right in his face and woos a challenge to him.

She is persistent, our Itty Bitty Baby, and when she added a paw on Yo's back as she vocally teased, he sprang up and whirled on her. Instead of being fearful, the Dark One took this as a game. He chased her around the table voicing his anger; she danced just half a step ahead of him. Unfairly, she took advantage of his blindness by hopping up on the chairs, waiting until he passed and then sneaking up behind him to sing "HERE I am!"

The spray bottle brought no response and my command to "Leave It!" was ignored without so much as a glance. I reached for the leash to put the contrite-less one into time out. That is when WD stopped me.

SHE glided up behind Zsofia who was behind YoYoMa; Zso did not even notice so intent was she on her torture of My Boy. Yo paused in the circling around the table, causing Miss Z to stop and prepare to woo again. Before she could, WD growled and snapped at her flanks. YoYoMa turned and faced her then moved closer. I could see Zsofia realize she was trapped! There was nothing that she could jump upon and she no longer fits under the coffee table. There was no escape; she had been out maneuvered She yiped in surrender and sank to her belly.

YoYoMa, ever kind-hearted, sniffed her eye and walked away. White Dog put her paw on Zsofia and mouthed her muzzle before she, too, was done. The Devil had been subdued.

Zsofia seemingly realized the need to embrace love not meanness. She switched to feather wings and Angel mode as she headed to the dog door...where Storm slept blocking her exit. Instead of pushing past like she usually does or jumping over Zsofia asked Storm nicely to move. When she did not budge, Zso asked again and then came to ask for my help.

"Do you want me to move her for you?" I asked. My lanky baby girl paced back down the hall to see that Storm had gone back to sleep. Zsofia sighed as if to say "No, let her rest," and laid down at my feet. "That's my good girl!" I told her as White Dog grunted her approval.


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Aw mates. Your family works together to show the baby how to live together in peace and harmony. Great job White Dog Army. Have a wonderful weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Random Felines said...

sometimes they learn best from those that have learned before. :)