March 16, 2015

White Dog said, "I knew she was a quick learner." There was pride in her voice as she and I watched Storm interacting with her siblings.

She was playing "I'll do what you do" with Bella. Bella was enjoying the role of mentor as our gentlest girl walked shoulder-to-shoulder with her into the living room, through their routine and outside to rest on the deck in the sunshine.The two girls, closest in demeanor and life experience, seemed to genuinely be enjoying each other's company and the glorious day.

Storm loves to follow Steve around, always curious about his actions. She has begun to move forward when he calls her name but is not quite to the point of an actual "come." Soon, though. Today she watched in fascination as he unloaded the van of items from yesterday's Event. She watched in fascination through the front door as he brought indoor stored materials onto the sunporch and then she raced out the dog door to watch as he loaded tents and tables into the storage shed.

In the afternoon she teamed up with Sachi and Zsofia in sort of a White Dog Army special forces group. The three of them prowled the yard, watching as Zso tasted and chose sticks, then ran up to place the selected ones on the deck. They loped to the far corner of the yard to look for new shoots on the bamboo and then raced back to burst through the dog door. As a trio they lined up for long drinks of water and then plopped on the cool hearth tiles to a break before moving as one to check the kitchen for the possibility of full bowls (way too early). That failed, the three went to stand outside Candace's door and peer in, hoping she would open the door and offer treats. It amuses her when the WDA comes calling. She came out but was empty-handed. The trio continued prowling.

It seems our Gentle Storm has made a commitment to the process of becoming a member of the White Dog Army. It is amazing to see her exploring her relationships and place in our home. White Dog is right, Storm is a quick learner and came to us ready for success.


Random Felines said...

it is so wonderful to see how animals that come from horrible situations can sometimes so quickly turn around when in the right loving environment

meowmeowmans said...

This is so beautiful. It's wonderful to see the love of the WDA in action. :)