March 17, 2015

White Dog was not, at first, entirely sure I whether I was joking or not. "OK, White Dog Army, in honor of St. Patrick's Day today, we are going to dye each of you green. Don't worry it is temporary dye and will wash or wear out in a week or so."

The Army moved nervously toward the dog door. "Even me?" Zsofia asked. "I do not think my darker furs will take the dye well." "Oh Itty Bitty Baby Girl, I am going to carefully paint the dye onto the white parts of your face, and eyes and feet, and tail. You will look stunning." She gulped and hid behind Steve.

"Would you all go green for corned beef, cabbage and boiled potatoes?" Steve teased, playing along. He had the WDA for a second as they thought about the offer. "How MUCH beef?" YoYoMa asked. "Do we HAVE to eat cabbage?" "What if I added a lamb barley stew?" Steve sweetened the offer. He ALMOST had them.

"What's for dessert?" Bella and Sachi asked at the same time. We humans thought for a minute. "Mint Ice Cream Scoops," I answered. "With Pretzel Nubs?" Storm negotiated. "Sure."

"And we just have to let you color our furs green," White Dog was going over the contract in her head. "Bright shamrock green."

The WDA went into a huddle. I made eye contact with Steve and indicated we better end the joke before the White Ones willing allowed themselves to become floofy Kermits for the cause of good eats.

"Hey gang?" They were deep in discussion. "Ahem!" They stopped and turned to look at me. "White Dog made the St. Patrick's Day sacrifice for all of you when she posed in costume on Sunday. Because of her...if she lets me share the shot...no pup will be colored." "Will we still get the food goodies?" WD lawyered.

"This is dad's late night so we will have lamb stew with barley, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms. AND mint ice cream. Maybe over the weekend we will slow roast a corned beef with red potatoes. Will that work?" The WDA was wagging furiously. "It all depends on White Dog," I reminded and all eyes turned to her. "I get pistachio ice cream, too," she bargained. "It is green and my favorite."

I looked at Steve. He stuck out his hand to her. "Deal!" She took his paw with hers to seal the agreement. The entire  WDA let out a song of cheer and thanks to the Queen of our pack.


Jo's World said...

Hi all! Thanks for your comment to my post. I have had you and the Army on my mind for a long while; I will be writing a letter to you very soon.


I did catch up on your March posts tonight!

Brian said...

Dang, that was some yummy sounding grub!!!

Random Felines said...

so adorable!! enjoy the payment :)