March 19, 2015

White Dog gave a little shudder about mid afternoon and wondered out loud about the shift in weather. It had turned glum and grey; there seemed to be a chill in the air. I felt it, too. We all did. It was an afternoon to cuddle close together, nosh, and nap. But even those did not quite satisfy.

"Come on," I finally said after the WDA collectively shifted, sighed heavily, and restlessly shook their tags. "Let's all get up on the bed, yes, ALL of us, and we can watch old Lassie episodes on TV. I'll even make some popcorn."

Everypup was confused; we NEVER watch TV, movies at night sometimes but certainly never in the day. And how would we all fit on the bed? "Trust me," I told them, "We will figure it out." More out of boredom and to placate their momma, the Army followed me and the popcorn from the microwave to the bed.

"OK," I told them, "the object here is that we all get on the bed and get comfortable.Then we have popcorn and watch Lassie."

White Dog, Zsofia and Sachi needed no convincing, they are always on the bed. Bella and Puff were not so sure, they sat stiff against the headboard. "Don't hop down. Let's get everyone UP first then we will arrange." YoYoMa did not at all think this was a good idea as I hoisted him up and he clung to the foot edge of the bed pushing against Zso for space. Surprisingly, "Down. Stay." worked. I picked Storm up and tucked her between her sisters. "Don't worry, we will all get comfy in a minute."

Taiko allowed me to pick him up like a fawn purely as a gift of trust. He curled his lip to let me know he wasn't sure, but then licked my hand to let me know he would go along with it. I kept my arm around him as I sat down next to him on the bed and put my legs up. I positioned him so that his head was resting in my lap. It was crowded but everyone was playing along.

Sachi snuggled into the vee of my legs. White Dog along my hip. Puff had moved down to rest against Zsofia's back. I pulled Storm against my side and she relaxed. Bella had her nose buried behind my back. We were all on-board!

I passed out popcorn as a reward for getting this far and reached back to get the remote from the headboard. We were all distracted by the darting movement outside the window. All heads turned to watch the pair of wrens in the tree...the tree where every year a nest gets built and baby birdies are born. It is one of White Dog's favorite parts of Spring/Summer as she charts their progress.

It was fascinating; the WDA and I watched the nest being built, and the cooperation involved in the task. The chirps and sounds were musical directions on construction, we guessed as we quietly watch and munched popcorn...tv forgotten. Suddenly the day did not seem so dismal.

"I hope they get done before it rains," Storm whispered. "Do you think they will?" "I do not know, Little One. They do not seem to be rushing things." And indeed, they did not finish before the skies opened and a steady drizzle leaked out. The bird couple flew off ("to someplace dry," Yo hoped).

One by one the WDA hopped down or asked for help to the ground.


Random Felines said...

Even better than tv

meowmeowmans said...

How nice that everyone had a good seat for watching the nature channel! :)