March 18, 2015

White Dog followed her newest sister outside. "Let me try to explain," she said over her shoulder as she slipped through the dog door.

I sat on the bed holding Taiko. His feelings were hurt and he did not understand what had just happened.

Storm has a habit of lying across the dog door to catch the afternoon sun that falls through the window. It has become "Her" spot and it is sometimes difficult to get her to yield when other members of the White Dog Army need to go through the door.

Taiko is as shy as she is and is just beginning to explore the idea of truly socially interacting with the WDA. His attempts are clumsy sometimes and he gives up easily. For example, he will go to where YoYoMa lies napping and stand over him. If Yo is awake and looks, Tai will wag his tail and smile then walk away. But sometimes Yo is fast asleep and Taiko's inching forward becomes a startling wakeup call of feeling another presence; the reaction then is less benign.

Today Taiko was pacing back and forth in front of Storm. He did a good job understanding that if he got too close that she would bolt out of the door. So he just paced. Storm became uneasy with his attention and started to growl. Tai stopped and stood before her, giving two slow swishes of his tail. She bared her teeth and leaned toward him.

My nervous, easily frightened boy, took her move as aggression and cried out in fear. "STOP!" I shouted as I rushed into the room. "BE NICE!" Taiko ran to bury his head in my leg and Storm zoomed outside.

I stroked his soft head and sides, cooing to calm him. "She did not understand," I said. "Storm would not hurt you. She is just starting to get to know each of us. It takes time. You were very brave to reach out in friendship. Just keep trying." Taiko burrowed deeper into my lap.

Later, my Tender Heart was resting in the security of his kennel. I watched as Storm moved close to him and stood. She watched him sleep for almost a minute before she stretched out on the carpet a paws distance away and laid down.  I prayed Taiko would somehow know she was trying.


Brian said...

Oh my. I'm sure they will work it all out in proper WD fashion!

Random Felines said...

Poor Taiko.....we know things will work out.... No matter the bumps

Tweedles -- that's me said...

It does take time for all things to work out. We know it will!