March 2, 2015

White Dog and the others crowded around as we walked in. "Let's see it!" she demanded. Today was Zsofia's last day of class and the WDA expected a certificate or a degree...some proof of her achievement.

Zso woo'd her story of not being appreciated. "There was no ceremony even though I was the best in my class," she cried. "You were the ONLY one in your class," I reminded. "We started working from the second I got to school until I fell over from near exhaustion at the end of my class," she continued. "You DID work very hard," Steve conceded. "but we all told you what a fabulous studnt you had been and how brilliant you are."

"They made me demonstrate EVERY SINGLE THING we went over in class...SEVEN DAYS WORTH of learning. Sits. Stays. Walking with momma. LEAVE it. Come. Walking without pulling. Good manners while dad talks. And not just once...I had to demonstrate that I got it in more than one context so Sara asked and so did Dad and so did momma...and even with DISTRACTIONS!" Zsofia stopped wooing to catch her breath.

WD started to congratulate her. "Oh no, White Dog, they did not stop there. Sara said I was so smart we had time for one final challenge and momma picked..." The WDA leaned forward to hear my torture. "...Recalls when I can't see momma or dad! That was SO hard because there was noise and other stuff going on and I had to listen and then the Pizza guy delivered lunch for the kennel techs and it smelled so good, but momma was calling." The Army gasped. "I ignored him the first time, I was perfect! But then Dad called me and the pizza smelled like it had Pepperoni and well, dad always understands..."

"Nope didn't get ANY pizza, even though it was my graduation day." The WDA was beginning to look sorry for their comrade. "Wait a minute," I suggested. "What about the bazillion treats from practice? AND all the Leave It treats you got to then gobble up after...including the extra treats because you waited for dad to tell you it was ok to eat those?" "Oh, yeah, I DID have those," she admitted.

"I think she STILL deserves duck jerky and a big White Dog song of congratulations," Puff recommended. Our Very Smart Girl immediately went into a sit and waiting position as the others gathered around and I reached for the treat bag.

Sara is planning on returning in late Spring for another group of classes. She enjoyed working with our smart girl and has given her a toolbox of skills to practice. Maybe it will be time, then, for a little Graduate work for our beautiful scholar!


Stephen Sehi-Smith said...

SO proud of our little girl!

Gus said...

Gus and Teka do their very best to simulate a Husky style Wooohooohoooo rather than their usual terrieryips in Zsofia's honor!

Jake of Florida said...

Hey, we can leave a comment here for the first time instead of on the FB site!!! Just Harry, like Gus and Teka, is trying his best to woo congratulations to the Z girl...but you all will understand if his woos sound more like wirey barks. Must say though, in honor of Z, he left a little piddle on the floor Unusual behavior so it must be for her!!! Not to emulate though.

Brian said...

Hey little one, you are first class all the way!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Good job,, good job!!!

Mark Markiewicz said...

Congradulations Zso!! A big WOO-WOO to you!

We are so proud of you!!