March 3, 2015

White Dog looked at Puff and laughed. "You look like one of those gym rat, muscle builders in that shirt," she commented. "And when you swagger it is almost as if you are throwing out a Don't Mess With Me Challenge."

"And" Puff replied. "Why do you find that funny?"

"Cuz you're a sweet little old lady. You're almost 17 for dog's sake!"

"You DO remember that when I was your age I was living outdoors and catching birds. Don't under-estimate me, White Dog. There is still plenty of spunk and fire in THIS old girl!" I quietly thought, "Bravo! Puff!" but out loud I said, "Please respect each other. We do not need to prove how tough we are here. And if Puff enjoys wearing the sweatshirt her friend gave her, then White Dog, either say something nice or say nothing."

"Puff, you and momma got me all wrong. It was a compliment. You know I admire your Never Surrender attitude and believe me, if it ever came to it, I would want you to cover my six. Come on, Let's share a duck and kale biscuit together."


Random Felines said...

nothing wrong with big a tough old lady :)

NanĂ¼k said...

Biscuits all around!!