March 22, 2015

White Dog and the others made their way one-by-one to my outstretched arms to say "Good Morning." Puff was in the oxygen kennel as part of her usual a.m. oxygen therapy so the others felt they could speak freely. "I did not sleep hardly at all," WD confided. "Every time my sister grunted or turned in her sleep I had to check to make sure she was all right." White Dog sleeps in the office with Puff, both girls preferring the luxury of extra space after bedtime treats and cuddles.

Sachi did not sleep on our bed, HIS usual habit, because he wanted to be able to get to Still Another White Dog quickly. Instead, he slept on the rug in the bathroom. I heard Bella trot down the hallway several times during the night to stick her nose into the other room. Even Storm, still new to the bond and ways of our pack made a visit--weaving her way around all of the prone bedroom pups--to make sure all was good. And so each of the WDA had sacrificed sleep in order to assure our matriarch's safety.

Puff, had she heard, would have laughed at the attention. She thinks we should all just forget that "silly moment" and focusing on other things of real importance.

Steve was sympathetic of the lack of sleep. He, too, had a restless night filled with dark dreams and worry. But he is wise enough to know exactly what the Army (including Puff) needed.

"OK let's have a big heavy breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon, and strawberries in kefir. We'll savor every crumb. Then we'll take a post-breakfast nap to catch up on lost sleep!" Tails wagged and lips, already imagining the tastes, were licked.  Puff came zooming out of the office (where the kennel is) in time to catch the menu. She went directly to the kitchen and stood at the counter as if to say, "Well? Let's get started."

By the time breakfast feasting was over, the day was warm enough to open the doors. Full tummies, sweet fresh air, and a sense that all was well soon had all, including Steve, making up for lost sleep from the night before.

Monday Puff Update: The diagnosis is that our Puff is fine as can be considering her existing conditions. She is old. She has heart and breathing issues. One of those MAY have caused the syncope (fainting) but maybe she had just over-exerted herself of her blood sugars were low. According to our beloved vet, we will never know. It may never happen again (paws crossed, it was scary). But if it does we know to put her into the oxygen kennel for a bit, especially if she has any gum discoloring. We all agreed the addition of an evening session of O2 therapy is probably a good idea and left open the possibility that somewhere in the future our feisty Little Old Lady may need to spend the night in oxygen...like humans with sleep apnea. But that time is not now. The doctor's advice was to listen to Puff, "Don't make a big deal over it. Let her live life fully. She is happy; and she may never faint again." Puff looked at Steve and I and nodded.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

we hope Puff feels better

Random Felines said...

we sure hope it doesn't happen again....though the post non-sleep breakfast sounded yummy