March 23, 2015

White Dog came to us as an 8-week ball of fluff. We have oodles of photos of her baby year. Same with Zsofia. With her, we could make a flip-book and watch her eight months pass simply by fanning through the pages.

Not so with the other members of the White Dog Army. They came to us as adults with plenty of stories, some horrible, and lots of baggage, but with no baby pictures. It is a sadness that sometimes overtakes me as I look at Taiko or Storm and wonder of their cute tricks and roly-polyness as pups.

Today is National Puppy Day.

The White Dog Army are the children of my heart. With the exception of Zsofia, none fit the category in as a calendar marks time. However, each is a puppy as I hold them to push away fear or tend to their needs. Each is a puppy when Steve discovers some bit of mischief and guilty eyes. Each is a puppy as they tumble over each other and shove to be first to greet us at the door. Each is a puppy as I watch in tears in the middle of the night their sweet faces at peace in total trust as they sleep.

"Puppy" is a state of mind; it is a status when you are finally blessed enough to have a forever family and bond that is a total commitment. It is the freedom and trust enough to be playful and unguarded. "Puppy" is the wish I have for every single dog, no matter its age. We pray that all dogs may someday know that completeness.

Proudly, I share MY Puppies, the White Dog Army


Gus said...

Every one a beautiful soul.

Random Felines said...

a lovely sentiment...and so very true

NanĂ¼k said...

So very beautiful! Thanks for sharing them all:)

Nuk & Family

Jake of Florida said...

I agree! Puppy is a state of mind ... and of heart. One of mine I knew from his 12th week; the other, only after perhaps a year or more and I always wondered --- still do -- why he did certain things or was afraid of certain thngs. To ths day ... at 10 plus -- he is still my puppy. Bless your White Dog Army puppies and all dear puppies everywhere!

Brian said...

Such a beautiful family! We sure hope Puff is doing okay now.

meowmeowmans said...

Puppyhood is indeed a state of mind, and the WDA is a beautiful bunch of puppies! :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

They are gorgeous!!
Fluffy and soft and loving!