March 29, 2015

White Dog and YoYoMa were stretched out on the grass after some zoomies and walk fun at the Park. It was a picture perfect Spring day in our Land of Enchantment and the park was full of people and their pups sharing the bliss.

We met Max, a little terrier mix who deserved his own TV show based on cuteness. He brought his parents over to meet the White Dogs and to chat about Paws To People and good health in pups. He had wonderful manners and all of the dogs rested together affably.

Even Zsofia. After a LONG conversation with Max where she tried to talk him into wrestling and told him all about her life, our darkest white dog settled into the perfect "at rest" position...just like we practiced when she was in school. Her leash was through the arm of my wheelchair and I sat on it. The leash handle was securely fastened on the other side.

She was stretched out along the length of my chair in a down position, alert, but relaxed. She watched the surroundings with delight and interest but remembered to turn her head and "check in" with me periodically. Just like we learned. I was so proud and told her frequently.

We continued to talk as the pups all soaked in fresh air and companionship.

Suddenly, that little spidey-sense tingle jangled my brain. You know, the one where you don't know what it is yet but you DO know something is not right.

White Dog was close and fine. There were no loose dogs heading toward us. Yo was napping as little pink flowers from the tree above us dropped onto his furs. Zsofia was still in good...

OH NO! ZSO! She had not yet realized her success at chewing through the leash and continued her focus on quietly and determinedly working on the webbing. But the clasp on the back of her harness was now only attached to a 4" streamer. She was free...at a 1/2 mile long park...on a spring fever day!

I thank dog that mommas are empowered with extra senses when it comes to their babies. I kept talking without changing my tone or shifting my body but dropped my hand down. Zsofia may have thought I was about to pet and reward her for her down-stay. Instead I wrapped my hand tightly around my Itty Bitty Baby Girl's harness.

"Um, Steve, sorry to interrupt. Do we have an extra leash?" I asked. Zsofia used her paw to cover the leash she thought was still holding her and looked up with love in her eyes. "Yes, why?" he asked.
"Seems our Baby Girl has been working on her own solution for more exercise" and I held up the still attached leash that was NOT attached to Zsofia.

Busted, Zso calmly stood up and wooed her defiance. Steve actually had put an extra leash in the pocket of my wheelchair, in case we needed to contain White Dog. He snapped it onto the Baby.

Max's parents tried not to smile, they really did. But when Steve announced that this was leash Number Seven that she had chewed through, the husband had to ask if our girl had them hanging as trophies over her bed. Zsofia turned and tossed her head as if to indicate that maybe he had a good idea.

And Elena cold not resist a quick ear rub and laugh with our remorseless girl before my "PLEASE do not encourage her or you will be on the Chase the Husky Team" made her realize just how closely THAT scenario was avoided.

And Zso? No contriteness...no sorrow...no promise to never do it again. Her response? To ask Steve if we were going to stop for ice cream!


Angel Pip and Ruby said...

The sixth sense does come in handy doesn't it! Glad you all had a nice day in the park.

Brian said...

It sure is a good thing you caught on when you did!

Random Felines said...

yep....it's that "wow it has been quiet around here for a while" moment :)

Jo's World said...

Why am I not a bit surprised? I am so glad you wised up to what she was doing!


Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Jo's World said...

Why am I not a bit surprised? I am so glad you wised up to what she was doing!


Jo, Stella and Zkhat

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, good thing Momma got the spidey sense tingles! And just in time!