March 28, 2015

White Dog and the White Dog Army took a long nap after breakfast. Then they practiced their intruder alert skills before heading out into the gorgeous NM midday to check the perimeter of the yard and run off a little Spring Fever.

They then came in for long drinks and sat surrounding me at my desk. Expectantly.

"Oh, I see you are all done procrastinating," I said moving a stack of recorded receipts into the donation envelope. "No, we are here for treats. It is past jerky time," Bella answered honestly while trying to be adorable with her dance for treats.

"I thought the White Dog Army was going to help me get the tax stuff together while dad was at work today. I am in here in the dark office and you are all outside having a grand time." I moaned. "And?" White Dog replied. "Dogs don't have to file taxes." "Well I wish we could claim you all as dependents. To be able to write off your vet bills and medicines and upkeep would make a BIG difference." "Well, why don't you?" Sachi asked. "Ask Uncle Sam," I replied and got blank looks in return.

"OK, I need a drink and potty break," I told them as I carefully shifted stacks. "So let's go have treats."

We went out to the living room. It WAS a lovely day. Pups got jerky and I drank a tall cool glass of water. "Oh, you meant you were thirsty," Yo laughed. "When you said you needed a drink I thought you were getting stressed. What a relief!"

"We are ready to help now," WD ordered the rest. Zsofia looked longingly out of the window. Yo did a u-turn as he was headed to nap out on the cool concrete of the sunporch. I thought about the careful stacks of papers on the floor next to my chair...and the makeshift envelope filing system leaning against the side of my desk. And about how much room seven "helpers" would take (thankfully Storm is not yet interested in volunteering for such projects).

"You know what, loved ones? It is too nice a day for all of us to be cooped up and involved in paper shuffling. Why don't you all just enjoy your full tummies, find a good napping spot or have fun in the yard. I can finish this."

"Are you sure," the White Dog Army tried not to sound to eager for the reprieve but their wagging tails gave them away. "Yes, I am sure. You, too, Bella. i want you to have fun for me."

No one waited to see if I would change my mind. I returned to my tax tasks.

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