March 4, 2015

White Dog watched Taiko hobbling daintily across the room. This despite pain meds and a massage. Our Tender Hearted Boy looked miserable. "Do you think the full moon affects Tai's achies" she asked?

"It is an interesting thought," I said. "Studies of human mental health data show a significant effect of moon phases. Other research indicate barometric pressure impacts joints and makes arthritis worse. Let's see what we can find out." White Dog and I went to the computer and Taiko minced along.

"Large low pressure systems....big storms, definitely. The tides, and the moon, as well. The reason for that is that the human body is comprised largely of fluid. When large low pressure systems move in, the fluids in our bodies swell and become inflamed. The same thing happens when a large planetary body like the moon moves close to the earth, affecting the oceans and the tides. How can it NOT affect the water in our bodies? That's why they say that some people act a little crazy when there's a full moon, and pregnant women tend to give birth during big storms and during the full moon as well. These things DO impact human bodies.
 I do know studies on pets who suffer seizure and epi-dogs has shown an increase in seizure activity during full moons." But we could find no studies that answered White Dog's specific question.

She looked at me and cleared her throat. "Hey, doesn't the White Dog Army have a charity that works to fund research in this kind of stuff?" Taiko wagged his agreement. 

"This is exactly the kind of answers we are seeking and perhaps we are halfway toward an answer with studies that have been done on human arthritis. Now, Little White Dog of My Heart put on your lab coat, call together your science team and fill out an application for funding. Do it for your brother. Let's build a bridge and eliminate the pain of arthritis for all."

I kissed both heads...and asked the Universe to grant Taiko relief.
Zsofia comforts her brother as he leans to take the weight of his tortured joints,
the result of years of abuse and living chained outdoors.


Random Felines said...

Poor Tai....it certainly seems like a reasonable theory

Angel Pip and Ruby said...

Poor baby ...this picture is so sweet and says so much.

JudyMae said...

Poor Tai. But so lucky to have people and buddies who understand him. My son was a paramedic and he says there is definitely more activity during a full moon. Not exactly a scientific study but EMS might be a good place to investigate!