March 9, 2015

White Dog pushed the door shut in my face and yipped through the door, "Don't you have a blog to write or something?" I started to protest but looked around at the nearly silent house. There was not a single shade of white anywhere. And Steve seemed to also be missing. I went looking for Storm; surely she would be napping at her favorite spot to watch everyone. She wasn't there. Even my devoted, constantly at my side Bella was AWOL.

There was lots of muffled buzzing and whispering coming from the other side of the bedroom door. "Fine," I thought, "the WDA is meeting without me. I will just go and get some work done." I sat down at my desk and was soon clacking away on my keyboard. At one point the bedroom door opened a crack and I saw Puff peek out to check on me. I avoided eye contact and forced myself to seem disinterested.

I tried not to feel left out. I truly did. But I found myself pausing and straining to hear; the mumbling was too low to make out. I had just decided that I had to go to the bathroom...because nature called, NOT because it happens to share a vent with the bedroom...when the door opened and everyone spilled out.

"Go ahead and have that potty break now," White Dog smiled, "we are done now." Sometimes I rue that the Little White Dog of My Heart is so much like me and knows me so well.

I waited until the Army resumed normality and Bella took up her place at my side. For the moment it was she and I alone. I offered her a salmon cookie left over from last night's treats...the last one in the bag. "So," I asked as I stroked her ears and she munched, "how was the special meeting?" "I can't tell you anything about the plans for your birthday," she started and then got wide-eyed as WD strolled into the room. She quickly swallowed the rest of her cookie and headed out of the door.

"I knew she would crack," WD said. "She just cannot resist your charms." "Not like you, right?" "Right!" "So no hints or clues, I guess," I pressed. "Guess you'll just have to wait until Sunday. And don't try tempting any of the others, either, you ought to be ashamed." I gave her the unrepentant look she usually throws at me.

"Nothing wrong with offering my Tiny Dancer a cookie." "Riiiiiggghhht!"


Liama Jhons said...

nice work, seems like you are write an excellent diary Lost and found

Random Felines said...

busted.....guess you will just have to wait and see what they are plotting :)

meowmeowmans said...

Hahaha! It sounds like the WDA has something special in store for you, Mom Sue. We bet you're going to love it come Saturday. :)