March 10, 2015

White Dog was gently sleeping in the closet suite she had Steve create for her in the office. I could hear her soft exhalations from where I sat on the edge of the bed. I am one of those kind of dog mommas, I can identify each of the White Dog Army by their personal sounds...their barks, their howls, their snores, their footfalls.

So when I woke well before dawn I sat in the near total darkness and just listened. There is an amazing comfort to be found in the stillness listening to your family sleep. I focused on hearing each of the White Ones, their night noises of breath and movement and sleep talk. It made me smile to myself as I thanked the Universe for such a bounty of blessings.

We were safe and oblivious to the noises of the Mother Road, famous Route 66, just a half block away. As my eyes grew accustomed to the night, I looked around.  Everypup, even the often restless Taiko, slumbered in the awkward poses of true, deep rest.

Taiko had flowed off the mattress in the new crate he has taken to be his room and actually spilled out onto the carpet in kind of a drooly faceplant. Bella and Storm were curled up together sharing one of the bigger beds. Zsofia slept on her back, three legs in the air. Sachi was a flattened stuffie against Steve's knees and his whistling snore was loud.

I could not see YoYoMa, who sleeps on Steve's side between the bed and window wall curled up like a sled dog napping on the tundra...but I could hear his grunty snore and knew the jangle of his tags meant he was shifting position. I imagined resting my head in his curl and feeling his protective warmth.

Puff was dreaming. I could hear her body movements as she slept on the thick mat which is right next to the heater duct under my desk . I listened closely to make sure she did not awaken; she often does with the need to go out in the night. But she stayed in place.

Satisfied that all was well and that peace reigned in my home, I swung my legs back up on the bed. Steve stirred and half-consciously asked if everything was ok. I pulled the blankets up, Sachi moved to my side, and Steve threw his arm across me. "Just perfect," I replied.


Random Felines said...

mom loves those peaceful moments... except Tommy snores MOL

NanĂ¼k said...

Ah, those rare peaceful moments are enjoyable aren't they?