April 11, 2015

White Dog did NOT like the fact it was wash all of the dog beds day. "Well, what are we going to sleep on while you fuss about beds that are perfectly fine?" she demanded.

"Well, first of all, they are not perfectly fine. They are stinky. Zsophia's crate mattress is full of stick shavings. Your bed has muddy prints. The round bed is covered in dog hair. The pink mat has that stain that I don't even want to try to name. Need I go on?"

"They are not THAT dirty," she insisted. "But where are we going to nap all day while you wash them and hang them out to dry?"

"This might be a shock, but some dogs actually just sleep on the floor!" She gave me that "look." "Besides," I continued, "during the day you never sleep in your bed anyway. You are on the arm of my chair or on the couch or behind the chairs in your fortress of solitude."

"I'm not worried about me," she said putting on the hat of Great Leader, "It is the others who concern me."

"Like Yo and Sachi sleeping out on the sunporch? or Storm out on the deck? or Bella in her usual place under this chair? See Zso sprawled out on the kitchen floor and Puff on the cool fireplace tiles...they don't seem too concerned."

"Yeah, well what about Tai? He's just wandering around sad because he cannot find a bed to drop into," White Dog pointed this out just as her brother slid in a bellyflop next to Zsofia. "Thanks a lot, Taiko," she muttered as he settled next to the Dark Baby.

"I can see that I am getting nowhere with you," White Dog said, quoting the line I often use in frustration on HER. "Sweet One trust me. Tonight you will be so happy to fall asleep on a freshly laundered bed, fluffed by the breezes and smelling clean and outdoorsy. If you want I will even spritz your bed with lavender spray."

"Do what you must." she sighed with resignation...and marched off to her fortress of solitude.

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meowmeowmans said...

We bet the nice, freshly cleaned beds were a big hit when it was time to turn in for the night. :)

Oh, we received the lovely letter and coupon we won in your drawing. Thank you, dear friends!