April 12, 2015

White Dog gestured toward the kitchen but said, "Don't look, you will frighten her off. Our Gentle Storm WAS truly meant to be a member of the White Dog Army."

I risked at peek and saw our timid, shy girl actually milling with the rest of the WDA encouraging Steve to hurry as he prepared their breakfasts. She pressed her way into the crowd to get a better view of the meals in progress and at one point actually crossed behind Steve into the farside of the kitchen to get an uninterrupted look.

"Pretty impressive," I said to White Dog. "She is making such progress."

Storm noticed me watching her and scuttled back into the hallway where I could not see her. But she was not too put off. She paced between her "safe" distance and the kitchen door where she could remind Steve that she WAS waiting for her food.
And when he took Zsofia's meal to the office where she eats (she is still on puppy food and if she was not separated would dine on her food as well as that of everypup who was not as quick as her), Storm made sure he saw that SHE was waiting in the bathroom doorway (where she enjoys her special diet).

The little (Yo cannot believe they even make food dishes so small) pink bowl barely hit the floor before Stormy weather hit. And when Steve removed her protective baby gate, she came back to the edge of the living room to join the rest of the WDA in post breakfast naps...at the edge of the room, but coming closer every day"In no time, that Little Girl will be right in the midst of everything, adding her voice and little prance," White Dog predicted.


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy White Dog Army. Sounds like you all have your routine organised for breakfast. Have we missed something and is Storm a new member to the family? Hope you are all well and enjoying your Spring. No worries and love Stella and Rory

NanĂ¼k said...

Pretty impressive indeed!


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Hello Future SIL,
Guess what, Mommy helped me with my blog. Andy sends head nudges your way. He is very pleased that everyone is eating in your house. He would love to join your pack for dinner, but Mommy won't let him run across the country.
Sally Ann - your future sil