April 13, 2015

White Dog rode with Steve and returned to open a box of donuts and offer it to the White Dog Army...their favorite ones with the coconut crunch topping. They followed WD into the kitchen to claim their surprise bounty. And Steve handed me a still warm almond croissant.

"This is a celebration," they jointly announced. "We know it got a little intense the past 24 hours or so and this is our way of trying to make up for being so focused on paperwork that we were crabby."

The White Dog Army was already munching away. Whatever the problem had been, all was forgiven and the unexpected treat was being thoroughly enjoyed. Tails wagged. It was a perfect day after taxes.

"I just want everyone to know the taxes are done. Paid (enjoy this little extravagance). Gone. Finished. Life should return to normal," Steve concluded as the White Ones looked up wondering if they would be allowed seconds.

I arched my brow. "Normal?" I asked. "What is that?"


Tweedles -- that's me said...

yay celebration time!

Gus said...

We actually filed a couple of days early this year! It was a great relief. I am almost finished with the organizational filing for the first quarter of 2015! Most days I am not a believer in "flat tax" but for about a week after filing, I could be convinced!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Yummy, I love donuts, and your fiance loves them also. Y'all are sure lucky dogs.
Sally Ann