April 21, 2015

White Dog looked at me and shrugged. At the same time, we both called the same name, "Zsofia!" Our darkest white dog came bounding from where she had been napping in front of the refrigerator to the dog door in the bedroom.

"Know anything about why the garden hose has been dragged partway into the house," I asked her. She looked at the long green tube with its nozzle head and then looked back at me. "Come on!" White Dog pressed. "Don't play innocent!" Zso sniffed the hose and took no ownership; she DID pick up a twig lying on the mat next to it and ran off to the living room.

"Goofy pup," WD grumbled. "She thinks everything is a toy. Good thing she did not bite a hole in it or manage to turn on the sprayer."

"Well, it can't stay where it is," I told her. "Taiko might trip over it or Yo will stumble." "Just push it back out of the door," she suggested. "That will only work if I can wiggle it out of the walking areas and then dad can move it back to the yard when he gets home."

It took a little work but I pushed the hose and nozzle out of the flap and against the glass of the patio door. "Good!" WD said. But then I thought about the ramp. "No baby girl, we have to go out there and make sure it isn't going to cause some pup to fall on the rampway."

We left the bedroom, walked through the house to the backdoor in the kitchen and went out on the deck. The hose DID cut across the beginning of the slope; a misstep could send a White Dog tumbling to the ground.

I grabbed the part of the hose that we had moved and pulled it toward me. I met resistance. "Zso!" WD growled...except she was standing next to us.

I peeked a little further around the electrical box. There was our littlest girl, Gentle Storm, struggling to pull the hose back in through the dog door. She growled as I pulled it toward me and then draped it over the railing...no longer a tripping hazard.  She ran inside in a huff.

"I think we both owe a certain masked itty bitty baby girl an apology," I said...just as she sidled up next to us with a muzzle full of something muddy.


Random Felines said...

poor Zso...nothing like being the baby to catch the blame. but she would have been our guess too :)

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Poor Mai Mai, she is a good girl, but she is a teenager. Andy sends loving soft nose pokes to his beloved and family.