April 3, 2015

White Dog understood Bella's complaint. She considers the space under my chair her special den. It meets her purposes perfectly...it provides security...a place to observe unnoticed...a base of operations for darting out to grab a stuffie or a dropped treat...it is where she stores her "treasures." Such a piece of real estate is worth defending.

Now that the weather is warmer and the front door stands mostly open there is more traffic past her entryway and more floofy bodies lie inches from her cave. She feels her privacy and autonomy are threatened. And she loudly announces her displeasure by growling at those who may trespass. She has even lunged out once to twice to nip flanks that were settling to nap too close to the chair's side.

This is not in the spirit of kindness that I insist upon for every member of the White Dog Army. I have spoken with the Tiny Dancer who each time promises to try harder, but who then forgets her promise when her boundaries are encroached upon. It is not a matter of proximity to the other White Dogs; she will lie side-by-side out in the open or sit pressed against another awaiting treats. It is just about territory. Territorial "ownership" she does not respect as she invades WD's behind the watching chair haven or takes over Storm's sleeping mattress.

"Be Nice!" the standard momma warning that things are getting out of hand only seems to work sometimes. The others are not intimidated by her action but I feel that she is being unfair and mean. I prefer not to encourage aggressiveness and want my Bella Bee to know that she has nothing to fear...most of the WDA cannot fit into the space and those who can (Sachi and Storm) are simply not interested.

It has been a journey for my little mill dog rescue to find a voice to come out of hiding and speak up for herself. I do not want to set things back. But I don't want her to develop into a pushy or obnoxious sibling, either.

For now, a verbal reprimand and then an encouraging word is our tactic. Hopefully, her desire to please will bring about more tolerance toward the others in this matter. To quote my wise White Dog, "Always go with the plan that involves patience, trust, and persistent love."


24 Paws of Love said...

We know about those kinds of ouchies! Territory can be a big deal around here, every once in a while. Good luck to you all. I hope everyone chips in to help Bella out. I know you will, you are the WDA!!

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates. I, Stella, like my own space too. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm not allowed to growl either at my little brother. Not that he could squeeze under my cupboard bwahahahaha. Happy Easter to you all. No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

Brian said...

I think that will all work out. Happy Easter everyone!!!