April 4, 2015

White Dog shook her head. "Has it really only been 9 months?" she asked. "Well, if you consider that she stayed with her birth family for 8 weeks, our Darkest White Dog has been with us even less time than that."

"We can barely even remember that Little One in photos from those first days," Yo and Puff said. "Yeah, like when she and I were the same size," Sachi recollected.

Born on the Fourth of July, our Yankee Doodle Girl is officially nine months old. This momma was a little worried about the omen of this day being a Blood Moon, but we seem to gotten through the day without our Itty Bitty Baby turning into a werewolf or summoning the undead through her crate door. With her, you just never know.

She DID celebrate by chewing a hole in Steve's wastepaper bag at the corner of his desk and shredding its entire contents into festive confetti. And of course the WDA marked the day at mealtime with special applesauce muffins topped with rounds of chicken apple sausage. White Dog helped her do the math. "24 muffins divided by 8 White Dogs means we all get 3 muffins!" Steve burst the Baby's bubble with his, "Not at one time you don't!"

Happy Milestone Zsofia! You challenge us...torture us, actually sometimes...you fill the house with boundless energy...you add an element to our Army that only you can add...we are better because you are part of us.


rottrover said...

Happy Birthday Zsofia!!

-Ruby and Otto

Random Felines said...

So adorable....can't believe it has been that long

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, we can hardly believe Zsofia has been a part of the WDA for that long, either! Happy milestone, sweet one! :)

Gus said...

Happy Birthday to the "Itty Bitty Baby" dog!

My, how you have grown!