April 7, 2015

White Dog looked around the room. There were pieces of sticks all over the living room carpet. "It was bad enough when Zsofia was our only stick eater, now she has EVERY White Dog chewing away like minor league baseball players."

Zso thinks Candace has been bundling and tying branches for her "shopping" convenience and has ripped open bundles twice now to make her selections. And she has shared her treasure trove with the entire White Dog Army.

YoYoMa was in his corner, stick between his paws, working on gnawing off the end. Bella was choosing chunks from the stick shreds left by her darker sister. Even Puff, dignified matriarch Puff, was chomping on a piece as she lie on her bed. Sachi came in from the yard carrying, you guessed it, a twig of his own.

Taiko and Storm were missing out on our White Dog Army Love A Tree Celebration; they napped in the bedroom, oblivious to the "delicious" free treats.

Zsofia sat on the couch with satisfaction. Around her were slivers. "Don't look so proud at leading every pup to perdition!" I said to her smug smile. "Thank goodness White Dog is above your messy temptation."

I turned to congratulate the Little White Dog of My Heart only to catch her munching. "Want to trade?" I asked her hoping that she would remember this routine from HER puppy days. She spit the stick segment into my hand. "Not you,too!" I groaned as I gave her the promised training treat.

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Random Felines said...

oh my.....led into temptation by the baby