April 6, 2015

White Dog smiled at her own thought and then shared, "Sachi is dad's perfect superhero sidekick. Robin to Dad's Batman. With his short legs, though, I do not think the yellow tights would work well." I chuckled at the picture she conjured but she is right. Sachi IS Steve's sidekick.

Taiko is as devoted as his smaller brother to Steve but the relationship is much different. Tai wants deep conversation and long walks, quietly supervising and nestling together. He has neither the energy level or the POW! BAM! approach Sachi pours into interacting.

Sachi will start from a deep sleep when he hears Steve and LEAP to a run to be at his side. If Steve goes out of the back door, Sachi ZOOMS through the house to burst out of the dog door to be at his side. And does the reverse when his dad comes back in.

The 10lb member of the duo dashes to scramble up on the chair when he hears the van pull into the drive, scrambles the slats of the blinds in his enthusiasm and then leaps across the furniture to be the first at the door, panting in his throaty wheeze, when his hero arrives home.

He must be in the kitchen to always supervise...in the yard to oversee and help...in the bathroom as Steve showers. If Steve gets up in the night, Sachi is there at his side. If our Little Man had his way, he would be enthroned on Steve's lap and all of the other White Ones would keep a respectful distance. (This is the only time Sachi and Zsofia truly clash...when she tries to brush him aside to demand Steve's attention).

I found White Dog with the rest of the Army gathered around playing on my computer. She was sharing her Batman and Robin vision with everyone and getting a good laugh...at Sachi's expense. Or so I thought. Sachi was there, too. Not insulted at all but rather flattered by the notion of being Steve's official sidekick. "Just think about it White Dog, when dad gets the Batmobile," Sachi teased back, "I will be the one riding in it!" "We will just see about THAT!" WD snapped back.


Amber DaWeenie said...

You can be my super hero anytime, Sachi!


Brian said...

That is too cute! But we think you are all super heros!