May 1, 2015

White Dog read Nancy's message and woo'd a sad note. Our friend was to come and share May Day with the White Dog Army and show us her photos from a recent trip to the Galapagos Islands. Instead, she was at home waiting for a plumber to come and fix a problem that had become immediate in last night's bedtime hours.

The White Dog Army put on its best faces and came up with a "second best" plan...heading out to the park.

"I think this is the Universe giving us an opportunity to catch up on something we have been putting off doing for a while. Something that is much needed for some of you," I suggested to them. They looked at me suspiciously.

"It will be soothing and relaxing. You will be so glad afterward." "Oh no!" White Dog barked. "She means BATHS! Run!"

Taiko went first and cuddled nicely into big fluffy towels in my arms. When he was blotted dry he went back to bed and napped in a sunpuddle.

Storm was chosen to go after breakfast. She can be our stoic one as she stands stubbornly not making eye contact. I know she is chanting, "I AM invisible. I AM invisible." in her head. Our tiny girl was just about thoroughly dry when I set her on the floor. But she is a diva at heart and a true drama queen. She spent nearly half an hour padding around the house shaking her little body so hard her tags jingled.
Bella's look of displeasure made her feelings crystal clear. She waited only long enough to stop dripping before she jumped down and scurried under the chair. "Come out!" I begged knowing the dust bunnies collected at the far back reaches. She did come out but mostly so I could see her glare.

Zsofia followed each pup into the bathroom and then laid in the doorway whining that SHE wanted a turn, too! She followed them as Steve carried each to me, post bath, for drying and cuddling. There she sniffed and cried over the fresh scent and attention each was getting.

"Do you want a bath?" I asked her. She wagged and ran to the hallway. "Are you sure?" At her insistence Steve put her under the water spray. She was there for less than 15 seconds before bounding back into the living room. "Oh, no!" Steve said coming to carry our bucking and crying baby back into the room. The door was firmly closed. The noises were...interesting. When it reopened our darkest white girl flew to join us and shower all in the sprays from her huge shakes. Yo shook in response to getting so wet in her wake. Zso ran around the living area for several minutes drenching all in sight before rushing out to the yard to roll and dig.
Last up was Puff who actually loves to be bathed. She is a perfect lady during the entire process and even remembers to thank Steve with a kiss to his cheek. Our Little Old Lady's furs are so thin these days that she easily chills; she appreciates the warmth of the blow dryer which was for some reason today being rather temperamental. Instead she nestled into towels that I would change out as they got soaked and a warm afghan. She nearly fell asleep in my arms...and Zso, exhausted from her bathing adventure passed out at my feet.

Clean and refreshed...ready for the merry month of May...the White Dog Army enjoyed the strawberries drizzled in honey and topped by cream whipped with ground pistachios that were meant to be shared with our friend. "Why is it again that she was so worried about broken plumbing?" Sachi asked as he licked whipped cream off his lips.


nancyturtle said...

I"m glad Sachi sees the irony of bath day comong as a result of my plumbing issues. Abath will be the fist thing on my agenda once the problem is fixed!

meowmeowmans said...

We are glad that all ended well. We love the way Sachi sees the whole day, in retrospect! :)

Sending purrs, prayers, and pawsitive energy that Nancy's plumbing issues are resolved soon.