May 2, 2015

White Dog, all of us really, HATE those rare Saturday class days when Steve must go in super early to be the Administrator of the Day and open the school. In general it means we all must be up, breakfasted and taken care of personal business by 6:30am when he generally dashes out of the door, toast in hand...as Taiko says, "Before even the birds begin to sing."

These are special days, the White Dog Army calls them Snoozin' Saturdays, for reasons illustrated by a few of our best snoozers!

Warning to pups everywhere: don't try this at home, the White Dogs ARE professionals and have had years of training (or in the case of the dark one, is a superstar student in the WDA professional training program)...

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NanĂ¼k said...

Such snoozing! Much boredom! BOL!!!