May 10, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army parted the sea of white to allow Steve to serve the special breakfast that they had put together for me. Tails wagged and each sat in a perfect picture of patience and harmony.

"Happy Mother's Day," Steve said as he handed me a lovely plated breakfast of spanakopita topped with a runny fried egg, a bowl of fresh raspberries and a mound of bacon.

"It is wonderful and smells grand," I thanked as the coffee was delivered to my side. "But I think you got a little carried away with the bacon."


I turned to look at WD. "The bacon is for sharing. We deserve to be celebrated today, too." She spoke slowly and clearly as though I was diminished.

"YOU ALL deserve to be celebrated? How so?"

"If it were not for us," WD explained, "YOU would not be a momma. So really it is because of us that we are celebrating you today. And THAT is why we deserve bacon."

"Kind of convoluted logic," I answered, "but I am all for celebrating family and love." "Good, then you will bring back treats when you go out later to the pet shoppe. To thank us for making you a momma..." "...and for making my hair grey," I finished for her as I began to dole out crispy delicious bacon.

A Special Note: The White Dog Army hopes that mommas everywhere have a special moment today when they are told how important and loved they are. And what a huge difference they make in the lives of their two- and four-legged, birth, adopted, or foster kids. Mommas are the cornerstone of the future as they wipe tears, understand, forgive, shape and encourage their children of all kinds. Thank you, moms...one day isn't enough to celebrate you!

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Amber DaWeenie said...

Wishing your Mommy a very Happy (but belated) Mother's Day!