May 11, 2015

White Dog and the others, including her best friend Sachi, LOVED the idea of Zsofia going on her first car ride outing alone with Steve and I. I could see each calculate our list of errands and the amount of time we would be gone...and wag at the prospect of a few hours removed from Spring Fever Puppy Energy.

"Have a great time," they all waved her off as she loudly sang her excitement during leashing and going to the door. I am certain the WDA could still her telling the neighborhood as we drove that SHE was going on a mission!

It was torture when we got to our first stop, one of our favorite pet stores, for her to wait in position while Steve got out my wheelchair, I exited the van, and then released her to hop down and join me. At first she was nearly wild with anticipation but by the time we got to the door of the shop, my Itty Bitty Baby Girl was remembering her training and walking next to me. She sat when I stopped, despite the temptations. Just for practice we browsed up and down the aisles and Zsofia was stellar.

Turning the corner to encounter Flower, the store cat, created a moment of distraction. Zso wooed a greeting and moved forward to meet a new friend...Flower hissed and walked away. My girl called to her to come back but did not pull on her lead or break protocol. I was proud of her.

Her toughest challenge was the baskets of chews arranged on the floor near the cash register. They sure smelled delicious to my Darkest White Dog.  I could see her thoughts and she tried to inch closer as we waited for our turn in line. "Leave it!" (Which is still even a questionable command at home) actually brought a picture perfect sit...eyes were coveting but she was so impressed that the clerk came around to give her  a couple of small treats.

As a reward, Zsofia chose a waffle chew for herself and bags to pumpkin treats to take home to share. Our Baby had such a good time she cried when we moved to exit the store.

Steve made a slight detour so that our Good Girl could enjoy a brisk run in the big Park near the store. He thought she might enjoy the duck pond, which she did despite Steve not allowing her to jump in and taste jerky prospects. There was a special unplanned bonus...SQUIRRELS! We do not have squirrels at our two favorite parks so this was Zsofia's first encounter.
Where did he go, Dad?
When we returned home, the WDA listened to Zsofia tell of her adventures as they munched cookies. When she finished and went out into the yard, a refreshed Sachi on her heels, WD licked my cheek. "Thanks, momma, from all of us. We really enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while. Kids can be so exhausting."


Random Felines said...

good job Zso..... and we are glad the WDA got a much deserved break from the baby :)

NanĂ¼k said...

Zso, That's pretty great behavior there mate, very good job my dark white dogger furiend! Play bows,