May 29, 2015

White Dog led the welcoming song. It was an effusive joyful greeting for a new sister. In return she wagged and smiled. We opened the door and the White Dog Army flooded onto the sun porch to sniff, greet and introduce themselves. It was a lovefest from the first second.

Our new girl was unafraid and interested in each of the WDA members. They swirled around each other and she quickly understood that she was now part of a huge family. Her only objection was a boundary bark when Baby Zsofia licked her eyeball; Zso was crushed at the reaction and needed to be soothed that all was ok. Nilla went over and sniffed Zso's muzzle to make things better.

After a time of exploring and discovery, White Dog cleared her throat and mounted her throne. "White Dogs, may I present to you Nilla, The Harmonious, newest member of the White Dog Army. I  am confident that she will be a sweet friend to all and a peacekeeper." Nilla bowed her head in humility as she accepted this charge. "Nilla, within the White Dog Army you will be Naturally, a White Dog, NAWD. Steve snapped on her collar and the group went wild in celebration.

Nilla, from Vanilla Bean her former name, is a 14 year old girl who's people had a baby and surrendered her to the shelter. One look at her smile makes it clear that Taiko specially choose her to land in our loving arms. Once again we are blessed.

Here is our new Nilla...
She knew instinctively this was a place of safety

After dinner
Training starts right away!
It has been a long exciting day!


Brian said...

Such a beauty!!! I hope those evil humans get what they deserve for giving up a family member.

NanĂ¼k said...

Welcome furiend!! We are Nuk, Isis an Timber, and we are honored to meet!

JudyMae said...

Gorgeous dog. She fits right in to your welcoming family. Good job Taiko.

Random Felines said...

Welcome Nilla NAWD.....we are very pleased to meet you and welcome!!!

Gus said...

Love that she has found her place in your arms. I know I have missed some posts, but will you please let me know about Ferguson?

Thank you

meowmeowmans said...

Hooray! Welcome to the WDA, Nilla. You sure did find yourself the most wonderful, loving forever family. :)

Zoolatry said...

Hi Nilla, how pretty you are and you have found just the right home!