May 30, 2015

White Dog hopped off her chair and head butted her brother, Sachi. Normally, this would be a reprimand offense but she was actually rescuing Puff from Sachi's unappreciated advances. Plus he had grabbed Puff by the head and was attempting to hump her from the wrong end; she looked under his belly for a champion. For the fortieth time in an hour, the last twenty followed with a blast from the squirt bottle, I growled "Sachi! OFF!!"

WD guarded Puff's flank as she walked to her sleep mattress and curled up to rest. Both The Queen and I sternly glared at our Little Lothario and at the same time spit out "Leave. Her. Alone. Ahhnnn! LEAVE HER!" The thwarted one skulked out of the room; we heard him in the bedroom issuing a challenge to Zsofia to wrestle.

Poor Nilla was a little wide eyed at the antics and first went to check on Puff before turning to see about Sachi. She did not need to go far. He and Zso burst into the room like an acrobatic act, tumbling and wrestling. "Don't worry, Sweet Girl. All is well. Nothing to fret over." She smiled and wagged before moving out of he way of the rollicking by jumping up on Steve's chair.

It was a good first test to see just how unflappable our newest recruit truly was. She took the entire thing in stride and seemed unscarred by what she witnessed...in fact, she took MUCH greater offense at my introducing the brush and making an initial attempt to work on her matted, shedding furs. After about 6 long strokes, she was done. Maybe tomorrow we will get to 8.


Jeanne Pursell said...

Even after all of these years, neither one of my girls likes brushing...not at all! I try my best to sneak a few in...here and there...but they end up going to the groomer to get the majority of their tangles out! Hope all's well with you guys! xo

The Daily Pip said...

Pip never liked grooming of any kind - baths, brushing, nail clipping, but Ruby handles all very well.

Random Felines said...

Poor Puff....at least she has a good guard!