May 4, 2015

White Dog had already asked to be lifted into my lap when the house shaking thunder clap sent YoYoMa, Bella and Storm rushing in to press against me. Obliviously focused on the computer I did not even notice the storm gathering and jumped at the instant intensity. I called to Candace to bring the girls inside quickly and we all gathered in the living room.

Candace barely had time to shut the door behind Skye when our Albuquerque skies opened deluging the neighborhood with fierce wind whipped rain accompanied by screaming thunder and blinding lightening. She and I had the same instant thought...Taiko!

Fortunately, he was soundly asleep in his crate unaware of the amazing change of weather. We sighed in relief before turning our attention on the wildly awake White Dogs surrounding us.

YoYoMa quaked like a good simmering pasta sauce; he panted heavily as he tried to melt into my legs. I wrapped my arms around him and he buried his face into my lap. The pounding at the windows was so loud that Bella scurried to her place of safety under my chair but reached out a paw to touch the back of my ankle just for reassurance.

White Dog was holding her own, as was Sachi, until the hail began. Then WD slid from the chair's arm to press against me on the seat cushion. Sachi and Yo agreed to a situational truce (they had been sniping at each other all afternoon) to join together within the columns of my legs.

Puff, my Fiesty Old Lady was unfazed by any of it. SHE is the only one I believe who shares my love of these powerful storms...or maybe living outside all that time in Kansas just hardened her. But she was a blessing as she cuddled against Storm who was on Puff's fireplace mattress, crushed as far as she could will herself against the couch, and shaking like a tiny leaf. With Puff against her, I saw our newest recruit realize she was safe and protected.

Skye was wrapped in Candace's arms; she, too, has a fear of storms. Daisy was undaunted by what was happening outside but was not above taking advantage of extra hugs and reassurance.

And where was Zsofia during the weather's wrathful crescendos, firehose intensity rains, and gut rumbling echoes from all across the valley? Sitting at the dog door with flap lifted to protect her head which rested technically outside as she watched with total focus Mother's Nature's display. "Stay inside please," I felt the need to call to her despite the shivering dogs and are-you-crazy looks that surrounded me.

The storm continued for almost an hour...a long time for a desert downpour...and it is raining still, hours after it started...a rarity. It is quiet now except for the sound of water running down the streets and the gently fall of drops.

I smiled, thinking to myself as Candace said it, "she IS becoming a child of this place."  It is the mantra of everyone on our block tonight...She said, "Isn't it awesome! I love the rain. We so needed it."

And now that the noise and anger is past, the WDA might even agree.


Angel Pip and Ruby said...

I'm glad the storm passed and everyone calmed down. We have been lucky that neither Pip nor Ruby seem bothered by storms.

Gus said...

Gus is normally pretty oblivious. But the summer we spent in Santa Fe, hew was a terrified terrier

Random Felines said...

rain is one thing...that banging is quite another (though the image of Zso sticking her head out is cute)